How to Switch the Straps on a Pair of Crocs™

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6-03-2021, 13:40
Crocs™ are fun summer shoes. You can make them even more fun by switching the straps!


  1. Gather the needed materials. You'll need either two pairs of Crocs™, or a friend who is willing to trade straps. They should be roughly the same size of shoe or the straps will not fit properly when switched.
  2. Remove the straps from all the shoes. While pressing down on a black button with one hand, stretch the handle away from your hand. When the hole is wide enough, start to slide it off the button. Continue working at the strap until it comes off.
  3. Switch the straps. Take the straps of the opposite color and put them your shoes. Make sure that the letters on the strap are facing the same way on both shoes. Stretch the hole of strap wider, and begin to work the button into the hole. Continue forcing and stretching and until the strap is secure.
  4. Enjoy your new and more colorful shoes!


  • If you want your shoes to look really wacky, you can trade just one shoe after switching straps.
  • Make sure the shoes are approximately the same size. Too small or too big straps will look strange.


  • If you have long nails you may fracture or break them while doing this.

Things You'll Need

  • Two pairs of Crocs™, or a friend who is willing to trade straps
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