How to Turn Your Jeans Into Earth Friendly Slippers

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7-10-2016, 00:35
Don't fill up the landfills with those really old jeans! Make some slippers out of them instead!


  1. Make sure your feet fit into the back pockets. Slip your feet into the pockets to check if they'll fit.
  2. Take a pair of your old slippers or flip flops and put them on two pieces of cardboard.
  3. Trace around each slipper carefully onto cardboard. Cut out the traced foot templates.
  4. Set the cardboard templates on the lower (larger) end of the legs of the unwanted jeans. Make sure the material is long enough for your foot, and a seam allowance.
    • Cut off the jean leg ends just above each slipper's seam allowance once you're satisfied with the length and width.
  5. Turn the denim cut-off fabric inside out. Using tailor's chalk, trace around each of the cardboard foot templates onto each of the cut-off ends.
    • Use straight pins to firmly hold together the two layers of denim.
    • Once pinned in place, cut out the foot shapes in the denim fabric. Be sure to leave adequate seam allowance around the edges.
  6. Leaving one side of the denim fabric open approximately the length of each slipper, sew the rest of the two layers shut for each foot. These are now your "denim slipper bases".
  7. Use the cardboard template foot shapes to draw around on a thin sheet of foam.
    • Cut out each foam foot insert and set aside.
  8. Take the partially stitched up denim slipper bases and turn them right side out.
    • Slip the cardboard foot template inside each denim slipper base, followed by the foam foot insert on top of the cardboard insert.
    • Do this for both denim slipper bases, and then sew the seam closed.
  9. Cut out the pockets that you sized previously. Cut as close as you can without cutting the pocket material. The pocket needs to come away completely intact, with both its front and backing sides in place (i.e., still serving as a real pocket).
  10. Put each denim slipper base inside of each pocket. Align them squarely and neatly.
  11. Start sewing the pockets onto the underside only of the denim slipper bases.
    • Denim, no matter how old it is, can be difficult to sew through, although jeans using Tencel® fabric might be softer. Do what you can to make the sewing easier on your fingers (use a thimble!). If you have a sturdy sewing machine, try using that but be careful not to sew the front of the pocket down.
  12. Enjoy the finished product. These make great gifts for birthdays and best friends.


  • Old jeans and fabrics can also be composted to save on landfill, as long as they are 100% cotton or linen, with no artificial fiber content. Also remove buttons, zippers, etc. first
  • Don't throw away the rest of the jeans. You might be able to make a denim skirt from the top, or make a stuffed toy, or even cleaning rags.
  • The fancier the pocket design, the fancier the resulting slipper.

Things You'll Need

  • Old pair of jeans
  • Cardboard (quality, corrugated carton style, needs some air cushioning and strength)
  • Thin foam
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Tailor's chalk
  • Marker for cardboard
  • Straight pins
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