How to Dress for a Tea Party

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Tea parties are occasions where people get together to enjoy drinking tea and eating dainty sweet foods, such as cupcakes and gateaux. A tea party is a pretty classy affair, so you need to know how to dress for one, whether you're an adult or a child.

Dressing for a Tea Party

  1. Check the invitation. If it has any indications as to style of dress, including any requirements for wearing costumes, follow them as closely as possible. If there is nothing specified, go by what you know of the person who has invited you, the time of day the weather, and the reason for the tea party, according to the following guidelines:
    • Are you attending tea at the home of the host, or at a luxury hotel? If it's the latter, take the formality up a notch.
    • Morning tea parties are less formal than afternoon teas. An evening tea is the least formal of all.
    • The attire for summer and spring teas will be generally less formal than that of fall and winter teas.
    • Are you attending a casual tea held "just because," or a more formal tea for an event such as engagement or to introduce a dignitary?
    • If you're still not sure, phone the host or hostess to find out more. Or, if the event is being held at a hotel or tea shop, phone the business and ask for guidance.
  2. Consider wearing smart casual. A tea party is a special event and is reminiscent of former days when people would go to a lot of effort to present themselves well when turning up at someone else's house for afternoon tea. Smart casual will usually consist of:
    • Women: An elegant dress with a jacket (the dress can even be semi-evening style); or elegant pants (trousers) and a silk blouse with either cashmere sweater or cardigan or a twin set, or a jacket; if you really must wear jeans, ensure that they're very upmarket and elegant; always wear top quality shoes;
    • Girls: A pretty party dress or skirt and top combination, neat shoes, hair bows, and a hat. And if the invitation says "fancy dress" or "costumes," see the Dressing for a Children's Tea Party section below for more guidance.
    • Men: A casual suit without a tie; neat trousers and polo shirt or neatly ironed casual shirt; add jackets or elegant sweaters.
    • Boys: Neat trousers and shirt; perhaps a suit if the occasion really calls for it.
  3. Select a suitable hat. Tea party hats are appropriate for both little girls and ladies. Look for them at department stores, local clothing boutiques, or websites that specialize in millinery. If you don't find one you like, there are tea party hat kits to make your own hat that can also be purchased online.
    • Hats that you'd wear to racing carnivals, summer festivals, or any elegant event such as a wedding or anniversary party are all ideal. If you would feel fine wearing it to visit the Queen of England or a Head of State, then it's a perfect hat. Browse through stately magazines for an idea of what's in fashion currently, especially magazines reporting on what royalty around the world is wearing lately.
  4. Wear elegant accessories. A tea party is a fantastic excuse to get your favorite jewelry and other accessories out. Pearls are absolutely perfect, as are brooches, bracelets, and neck chokers. Silk scarves, headbands, bows, silk stockings, and delightful shoes are all definitely encouraged.
  5. Wear your warmest smile. This is an occasion of fun and enjoyment, where delicious food awaits you and good company.

Dressing for a Children's Tea Party

  1. Check the invitation for a theme. Many children's tea parties will have a specific costume theme, such as princesses or storybook characters. To make sure your child doesn't feel left out, try to get a firm grasp on the dress code. If the invitation doesn't list one, call the host/hostess and find out what's recommended.
  2. Gather fun costume pieces. Most children's tea parties are centered on a dress-up theme. Here are a few ways to gather items for your child to wear:
    • Search your own closet. Do you have anything that you wouldn't be heartbroken to lose? Common items you might use include ties, long slips, blouses, belts and scarves.
    • Look around consignment or thrift stores. Thrift stores can be prime locations to find outrageous hats, coats and shoes for your child to dress up in.
    • Check out party supply shops. If you're looking for items such as feather boas, plastic tiaras, wands, capes, or fairy wings, visit your local party supply store or check out one online. Most sell dress-up staples like these.
  3. Add costume jewelry (optional). Long strings of pearls, gaudy clip-on earrings, and fake rings can be fun accessories to add to a child's tea party outfit. Raid your own jewelry box for inexpensive pieces, or check out a party supply store.
  4. Consider styling your child's hair a "special" way. Because the tea party is a special occasion, it might be fun to style your child's hair accordingly. Boys could have their hair slicked back or spiked with pomade, while girls could have ringlets, intricate braids, or grown-up looking up-dos.
  5. Dress your children in a similar fashion to each other, or even to yourself (optional). If it's an adult and child tea party, consider matching outfits for fun. Solid color dresses are easy to match up using accessories.


  • If you are totally uncertain as to the theme or style of the tea party, opt for something understated and bring baubles in your purse to add if it seems appropriate.
  • Make sure that whatever you wear has enough room for you to feel comfortable in as you eat pastries, cakes, and cream buns.
  • If purchasing at least a dozen hats, gloves, pearls, etc. for a group, don't be afraid to ask for a volume discount. Merchants are often happy to provide an incentive on these items.
  • Look online for stores that specialize in tea party attire.

Things You'll Need

  • Appropriate attire
  • Tea party hats
  • Pearls or jewels
  • Feather boas, tiaras, wands, fairy wings, or other dress-up items (for a child's tea party)
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