How to Care for Dry Curly Hair

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7-10-2016, 08:10
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This is a method of caring for your medium thick, dry, very curly hair. You can use an inexpensive regiment using only conditioner, serum, and cool water.


  1. Wet it with cool/warm water allowing the water to run through the curls for a minute or so until it is completely wet.
  2. Apply a palm full of conditioner starting with the ends and working your way to the scalp and scrunch it in but don't rub it in.
  3. If you're showering, cover your hair with shower cap for 3 to 5 minutes and go on with your shower. Try not to get soap in it or expose it to hot water.
  4. With conditioner still in it, extremely carefully, (wet hair is very vulnerable), comb it through starting with the Tips and moving up to the scalp. You may use a wide toothed comb for this step.
  5. Massage the scalp, this loosens potential dandruff and oil to be rinsed away and promotes good hair growth.
  6. Rinse with cool water, it's important not to expose it to even medium hot water. If you do so it will frizz.
  7. Gently towel dry until it is still wet, but no longer sopping.
  8. Apply a small amount of serum (only a few drops, more or less depending on length and thickness of hair) starting with the ends and working your way to the top as you scrunch it, but not the scalp. The type of serum isn't important.
  9. Set a part in your hair with your fingers dividing it slightly to one side. This is more attractive than parting it straight in the middle.
  10. All over the head, twist out individual curls, in their natural direction. Begin at the back of the head and work your way to the top and front. This loosens tight curls significantly into something more sculpted and elegant. If tighter, more random curls are desired you may shake out your head first, and twist a select few curls.
  11. Allow hair to air dry naturally (A hairdryer with a diffuser set to low is okay), this may take some time depending on the length.
  12. Enjoy it, give it a toss and let it be messy.


  • Consider buying conditioner in large bottles and choose one that has smoothing properties. The main ingredients of conditioners are essentially the same so expensive is not always better.
  • Use hair ties that don't have a metal barb on them. This can snag on hair and rip it out.
  • To reduce frizz even more, dunk the ends in cold water after conditioning, this locks the cuticle smooth.
  • Evening hair can be achieved easily with a few bobby pins. Pin it back for a classic look or on the sides for a more cute look.
  • To detangle either apply conditioner and brush only the affected area, or take some time and pull out individual strands from the tangle until it's gone.
  • Trim it yourself or visit a stylist if needed. Remember to cut each curl in the middle of the "C" of the curl, which is the part that forms the letter "C".
  • Twisting is okay, but not in the wrong direction. Try not to twist knots in it.
  • Avoid using a comb as far as possible! Use your fingers to detangle knots as this reduces the stress put onto your strands by the hard combs.
  • Blow drying is not recommended but if you must use a diffuser and hold it at least six inches away from the hair.


  • Avoid shampoos and conditioners containing alcohol.
  • Never brush curly hair while it's dry.
  • Avoid hair dye and relaxants.
  • Never use a fine toothed comb or brush.
  • Avoid heat and excess sun. Always deep condition after exposing the hair to extreme weather.
  • Hot oil treatments may not be a good idea because heat damages hair.
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