How to Read a Woman's Eyes

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16-03-2021, 06:10
Body language can be an important part of communication, and the eyes play a major role in that. While there is little scientific evidence to suggest that subtle movements and changes to the eyes actually indicate if a person is lying, attracted to you, or otherwise concealing something, certain eye expressions can help provide you with insight into a woman’s mind. Read a woman’s eyes by looking at her brows, her pupils, and her eye shape and matching her face with verbal emotional indicators.

Reading a Woman’s Expressions

  1. Listen to her. Eyes can be expressive and portray a great range of emotion, but never presume that someone’s eyes can indicate that they want something counter to what they have said they want. Before trying to read a woman’s eyes, listen plainly to what she says and take her words to heart.
    • For example, do not assume a woman’s eyes say “Yes,” when she is plainly stating “No” to your offers or propositions. Respect her words over the perceived value you want to see reflected in her expression.
  2. Make eye contact. You cannot read a woman’s eyes without looking at them. Make eye contact with her, and hold it throughout your interaction. This will allow you to see the full range of emotions that she may express with her eyes.
    • Try to avoid intense stares. Make polite eye contact when someone speaks, but do not stare a woman down after she has stopped talking or if something else is calling your attention.
  3. Watch her expression. Look at what form her face takes when she says she is excited about something. Look at her eyes when she is talking about something that makes her upset or angry. Watch her to learn what expressions coordinate with her emotions.
    • Listen to what she’s saying to give you an idea of what she is feeling. For example, when she says, “I really like learning about this subject,” take a look at her eyes and remember that expression as one that indicates joy.

Understanding Nonverbal Communication

  1. Watch her pupils. People have very little control over when or why their pupils dilate, which can make them very telling. Talk to a woman about something you know she finds interesting and look at her pupils. Then change the subject to something you think she’ll find less interesting and look for change.
    • When a person is interested in something, their pupils will likely dilate somewhat. Look to the pupils as a sign that a woman is interested in a certain topic.
  2. Check her eyebrows. Often, people move their eyebrows to underscore or emphasize something. Raised eyebrows are often a sign of friendliness and welcoming, and generally signal someone showing that you have their attention.
    • Conversely, raised eyebrows and constricted pupils together may mean surprise or shock.
    • Lowered eyebrows or a single raised eyebrow may show frustration or skepticism.
  3. Pay attention to the eye shape. Every eye has a natural shape, but eye shape can also be impacted by squinting or opening eyes wider. Check her eye shape to see if she is squinting, open-eyed, or if her eyes are in an otherwise normal position.
    • Squinting may indicate suspicion or mistrust. If you are not in an improperly-lit area, which may also cause squinting, ask the woman directly if something is bothering her.
    • Wide open eyes can indicate happiness or excitement. Take note of what makes this women open her eyes wide to find out more about her interests and passions.

Reading Romantic Expressions

  1. Do not trust the eyes. Eyes can be a powerful tool for flirting, but they also often miss the mark. Research suggests that someone trying to make flirtatious eye contact with another will have to try at least three times before the other person notices. Don’t depend on her eyes to tell you if she is interested.
    • Understand that a woman making frequent eye contact or avoiding eye contact may not be a sign of her romantic interests. If you want to know about a woman’s romantic feelings, you will get the most direct answer from politely inquiring directly.
  2. Watch where her eyes go. Some eye reading practitioners believe that you can tell a flirtatious gaze by watching where a woman’s eyes look on you. In flirtatious situations, the eyes are said to scan you in a triangular pattern from one side of the body to the other, then down and up again.
    • Looking directly at someone’s mouth is also often thought to be part of a flirty gaze.
  3. Time her blinks. There is some evidence to suggest that a woman may blink more frequently when looking at the person she desires. The average person blinks 15-20 times a minute. Check to see if she is blinking more frequently around certain people as a potential indicator of attraction.
    • People often blink at different speeds. Compare the blinking around the person a woman desires to the amount she blinks when that individual is not around.
  4. Ask for clarification. Reading eyes or facial expressions can be confusing is often inconsistent. Do not be afraid to ask a woman for clarification regarding what her facial expressions convey.
    • If you believe a woman is indicating romantic interest with her eyes, try letting her know by saying, “I get the sense that you like this person. Is that the case?”
    • Do not assume that the eyes say something different than what she indicates verbally. Accept a woman’s answer when you ask for clarification, even if you aren’t certain her expressions correspond with what she’s saying.


  • Do not use eye reading as your only form of understanding what a woman is thinking. Talk to her to affirm what you think her eyes express.
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