How to Break an Egg

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19-03-2021, 07:50
Being able to crack an egg is a handy kitchen skill. Cracking an egg is necessary to make everything from a basic scrambled egg to more complex dishes. With the help of a firm surface, you can easily crack an egg and transfer the contents shell-free into a bowl.

Cracking a Single Egg

  1. Hold the egg in your dominant hand. It's best to use your dominate hand when cracking an egg. Grasp the egg firmly in your hand so the long side is facing downward. There is no exact way to hold the egg. Simply hold it in whatever fashion is comfortable for you.
  2. Tap the egg on a firm surface. Do not tap the egg on the side of a bowl or dish as the shell may shatter and get into the bowl. Instead, give the long side a few firm taps on a hard, flat surface. Your kitchen counter should work fine.
  3. Find the indentation of the egg. Turn the egg over to look at the crack you made. There should be a sideways crack running down the egg and a small indentation near the center of the crack.
  4. Pull the shell apart. Press your thumbs against the indentation on the egg. Secure the rest of the egg with your remaining fingers. Holding the egg over a bowl, gently pull the egg apart to release the shell into the bowl.

Cracking Two Eggs at Once

  1. Take two eggs in either hand. If you feel comfortable using your non-dominant hand, you can crack two eggs at once. Secure an egg in either hand. Hold the eggs in whatever fashion is comfortable for you, but make sure your pinky and ring finger touch the bottom of the egg.
    • You may have to hold your egg slightly differently in either hand, which should not affect the process of cracking the eggs.
  2. Crack the eggs in your hands. Tap either egg against a firm surface, like the kitchen counter. A few firm taps should make the eggshells crack slightly. Crack the eggs at the same time.
  3. Pry the eggs opened. Hold the egg over a bowl. Keep your index and pinky finger on the base of the egg to keep it steady. Then, use your remaining fingers to pull the egg apart and release its contents into your bowl.
    • The technique will take practice, as it's tricky to crack an egg with a single hand. You may break some eggs in the process.

Troubleshooting Problems

  1. Use your dominant hand for the most part. Unless you want to crack two eggs at once, always use your dominant hand. It will be much easier to maneuver the egg using your dominant hand.
  2. Remove any bits of shell. Even with the best technique, shells can fall into the egg whites and yolk. To fix the issue, wet your fingers. Place your fingers into the egg whites and yokes. The water will naturally attract the bits of shells.
  3. Avoid breaking eggs on the edges of bowls. Never break an egg on the edge of a bowl or dish. While this is the conventional method, it's not effective as it generally causes the egg to shatter.


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