How to Clean Swimming Goggles

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23-03-2021, 16:00
When you go swimming, it is important to wear goggles to prevent chlorine and other chemicals from damaging the surface of your eyes. However, the same chemicals that are hard on your eyes can be rough on your swimming goggles too. Fortunately, by cleaning your goggles after every swim and storing and handling them safely, you can extend their life and keep your eyes well protected each time you enter the water.

Cleaning Goggles after Use

  1. Rinse your goggles in cool or lukewarm tap water. Hold your goggles under the faucet and allow the water from run over the lenses. This will remove chlorine and other chemicals that can shorten the goggles’ lifespan.
    • Avoid rubbing the lenses with a cloth, towel, fingers or anything else, especially if they have an anti-fog coating. Rubbing the lenses can damage the coating.
    • If your goggles are treated with an anti-fog coating, rinse them in water only. Do not allow any soap or detergent to come in contact with the lenses. Doing so can damage the coating.
  2. Wash goggles without anti-fog coating with mild soap. If your goggles don’t have a special coating, it is safe to clean them with a mild soap or baby shampoo. Apply the soap or baby shampoo to a wet sponge, and use the soapy sponge to clean the goggles, including the straps and frame. Then rinse the entire goggles thoroughly in warm water to remove all soap residue.
    • Even if you wish to avoid applying soap to your lenses, you can use mild soap to clean only the straps.
  3. Leave your goggles out to air-dry. Set them aside somewhere out of the sun and where they are not in risk of being scratched, and do not place them in a case or bag until they are completely dry. Storing goggles in a case while they are still wet can promote the growth of mould and bacteria.
    • It'll probably take about an hour for your glasses to dry, so try to clean them when you don't need to use them right away.
  4. Remove excess dirt with vinegar. If your swimming goggles remain dirty after a basic rinsing, wash them in a solution of vinegar and hot water. Find a bowl large enough to completely submerge the goggles, and fill it with hot tap water mixed with 5 tablespoons of white vinegar. Soak the goggles in the solution for 2 hours, then remove and rinse them in cold tap water before allowing them to air dry.

Keeping Goggles in Good Shape

  1. Avoid touching the lenses. This is critical at all times, not only while cleaning. Fingernails and rough cloths may leave scratches, and dirt, oil and residue from fingers can damage the coating of lenses.
  2. Store your goggles away from the sun. UV radiation doesn’t just threaten our skin and eyes; it can shorten the life of swimming goggles too. Excess exposure to direct sunlight can cause rubber goggle straps to become brittle and snap.
  3. Carry your goggles in a protective case. Never toss your goggles into your swim bag loose. Transporting them in a protective case or pouch will help prevent scratching of the lenses.
  4. Invest in products to restore anti-fog coating. No matter how well you care for your goggles, anti-fog coating can wear off with time. However, there are aftermarket products that can restore anti-fog properties.
    • Anti-fog sprays can be applied to the surface of lenses to improve clarity and visibility.
    • Anti-fog towelettes provide another option to clear up old goggles.


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