How to Date a Vampire

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25-03-2021, 15:50
Although the underground vampire culture has been alive and well for numerous years, the recent pop culture fascination with vampires and vampirism has drawn new attention to the modern vampire lifestyle. Modern-day “vampires” are actually humans, who like to differentiate themselves from the fictional creatures by using the term, “vampire.” Although vampires are living mortals, they practice many of the same rites and rituals performed in fiction and on the screen by their dead counterparts. If you are thinking about dating someone who practices vampirism you may want to take a page from one of the modern day fictional heroines like Bella Swan from “Twilight” or Sookie Stackhouse from “True Blood.”


  1. Choose a vampire you are attracted to and could see yourself dating. Dating someone who is into the underground vampire culture is like dating the ultimate “bad boy” who lives by his own rules. You need to really feel the attraction in order to take a leap of faith. Several elements to consider include:
    • Physical appearance: although film and television vampires are undoubtedly the hottest creatures around, make sure you feel a physical attraction to your real life vampire before agreeing to go out for a bite.
    • Personality: even though he or she may be hot, you will want a vampire who has it all--charm, intellect and a sense of humor. Typically those who dabble in vampirism are pretty open-minded and like to experiment so chances are your date will have something interesting to bring to the date.
    • Mutual interests: if you are not part of the human vampire world, find common ground with your potential date. Perhaps you both go to the same school or hang out at the same clubs--look for similarities that you share, which can act as a springboard to developing the relationship.
  2. Embrace Goth culture. Most vampires gravitate toward the entire Goth movement. From dark clothing and brooding music to hanging out in dangerous areas of the city; vampires love to head to the dark and daring side. Ways to assimilate include:
    • Purchase and learn to appreciate music by Goth bands such as Marilyn Manson or some of the retro groups like Bauhaus, Depeche Mode or The Sisters of Mercy.
    • Check out Goth fashion. Generally dark, sweeping clothing with almost a medieval appeal meets Goth fashion approval. Doc Martin boots, black nail polish, ripped fishnet stockings, heavy black eyeliner and shiny black hair are also appropriate.
    • Consider piercings. A big part of vampirism is achievement of pleasure through pain. Piercings allow your vampire date to experience ecstasy through the pain of being pierced in numerous areas of the body. If you consider a new piercing for yourself start slow and be deliberate about which area of your body you pierce. The good news about piercings is if you don’t like it, you can always let the hole heal.
    • Avoid the sun. In line with fable Dracula, modern-day vampires avoid the sun as much as possible. Slather up with SPF 50 when you go outside during the day and consider carrying a black-fringed parasol with you for extra protection. The upside to ditching your summer tan is that being pale reduces your risk of skin cancer.
  3. Get used to seeing your date drink blood. A huge part of the vampire culture is actually drinking blood. Human vampires will use a clean scalpel or a knife to make a small incision on his or her “victim’s” body before actually drinking the blood that is oozing from the wound. While most likely neither safe or sanitary, if your date wants to drink your blood:
    • Politely decline. Numerous deadly diseases, like HIV and Hepatitis B can be transmitted through cutting yourself and then allowing another person to drink your blood (and vice versa). Instead of putting yourself in harm’s way, tell him or her that you would rather not partake in this aspect of vampirism, but are o.k. if he or she wants to find someone else to snack on.
    • Excuse yourself from the room. Unless you are completely fine witnessing someone drinking blood from another person, you may want to leave the room to avoid passing out or looking disgusted. If blood drinking is the only aspect that turns you off about your vampire date, politely excuse yourself and wait in the other room until he or she finishes--then go back to your date.
    • Watch and take notes. If you think blood drinking looks cool, ask your date if you can remain in the room and watch as he or she performs the ritual of cutting another person and then drinking blood.
  4. Be yourself and share your interests. Just because you are dating someone who is into vampirism, it doesn’t mean that it has to be a one-sided relationship. While you can learn to appreciate Goth and tolerate blood drinking, it doesn’t mean that you have to lose yourself in the relationship. Bring your personality and quirkiness to the table and introduce your date to activities that hold your interest. A true gage of whether your date could turn into a steady is how he or she reacts to learning more about what you like to do.


  • Be honest with your date about rituals or aspects of vampirism that make you feel uncomfortable. Be polite and gentle--never berate or make fun of the vampire’s lifestyle choices, even if you don’t completely agree.
  • Keep an open mind during your dates.As long as you don’t attempt any action that is dangerous or illegal take a walk on the dark side and see if you like it.
  • Vampires mate for life, so once they find a mate they stick with them, however marriage is not exactly traditional in vampire culture, however more modernized vampires have been known to participate in weddings, though this is still very rare and is practically always because their human lover requested it, some of qualifiers for a vampire in regards to finding a mate are that; the partner must must be 18 years or older, they must be in a somewhat fit state, they must desire to live a long life or to live forever, and they must be the opposite gender (not because vampires are inherently anti-LGBTQ or anything, in fact most vampires male and female alike are inherently bisexual, rather this because of a vampire's innate desire to pass on their genes to the next generation).


  • Some human vampires may live a life of blurred lines between reality and fiction where they believe that they actually are the undead. Steer clear of dating anyone who professes that he or she is a true vampire or creature of the night.
  • Drinking blood from another human being is extremely dangerous and hazardous to your health. Anyone dating someone who is a vampire should seriously consider abstaining from blood drinking activity.
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