How to Build a Horse Stable in Minecraft

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29-03-2021, 00:20
A horse is a nice animal to tame in Minecraft. They carry you great distances, help haul your things, and they’re somewhat easy to find, if you spawn in a plains or savannah biome. They're perfectly fine with or without shelter, but if you want to put a roof over their head, it’s really easy to build them a nice little stable to stay in while you’re not going on adventures!

Building a Horse Stable

  1. Gather your materials. For your stable, you’ll be needing wood, and quite a lot of it! In total, you’ll need 23 fences, 21 wood blocks, 30 wood planks, 29 wood slabs, 12 cobblestone, stone or stone bricks, and 8 torches.
    • You can use any combination of wood types for your materials. You want to create a really vibrant-looking stable!
  2. Lay out the posts. First, create a stack 3 blocks high with your wood blocks. Now, with three spaces away from it, create another stack of the same height. Make two more until it becomes a box formation, around 5x5 blocks wide.
    • From the top, it should look something like this: w = wood X = empty w X X X w X X X X X X X X X X X X w X X X w
  3. Fence it in. Now, on three of the four sides, place wood planks across the space between the pillar, then place slabs over the planks. This is to prevent the horse from climbing up on your fence. Now place fences on top of the planks, and then on the topmost pillar, place more planks to completely seal the room.
    • On the opening, place fence posts up to the very top in front of the posts by the opening, then place a pair of two-block-high stack of fences in the entrance gap, and close it off by connecting another fence between them. p = planks f = fence s = slab First layer w p p p w p X X X p p X X X p p X X X p w f X f w f f X f f Second layer w s s s w s X X X s s X X X s s X X X s w f X f w f f X f f Third layer w X X X w f X X X f f X X X f f X X X f w X X X w f X X X f Fourth layer w p p p w p X X X p p X X X p p X X X p w X X X w f f X f f
    • With this design, you wouldn’t need to build fence gates to keep your horse inside, because it tricks the horse into thinking the space is too narrow to go through while actually having ample space to go through!
  4. Add the roof. From the fence pillar to the back of your stable, place your slabs surrounding the walls, then fill in the remaining space in the middle with wood blocks.
    • Now, between the opening’s wood posts, place two slabs below the wood block roof to create a sort of extrusion on the opening. Roof layer s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s Fourth layer w p p p w p X X X p p X X X p p X X X p w s s s w f X X X f

Decorating the Stable

  1. Place four torches on the walls inside the stable. This is so your horse won’t have some unwelcome visitors spawning in there. Monsters tend to spawn in very dark places, or during the night, so even just placing one torch would ward away the monsters, but more would ward them off for longer distances.
  2. Replace the dirt floor of your stable with some nice, clean stone. While it only serves to make things look nice, your horse stable would look better and more well-kept with stone flooring.
  3. Make a wooden entrance flooring. You can use your remaining wood blocks for this. Dig out the row of dirt from under your fence posts and the area between it, then place two upright wood blocks below the fences. Place the rest of your wood sideways until the ends meet so that it looks like a flat log. There you have it! A nice entranceway for your stable!


  • You can also add some hay bales inside the stable for decoration.
  • A cauldron would make an excellent water trough for your horse. Just remember to fill it with water.
  • This design can be converted into a larger stable building, since the pattern can easily be reproduced by simply using the side walls as separators for stalls and building more stalls that way.
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