How to Make Axe Bombs

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7-10-2016, 21:55
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Setting off an Axe "bomb" is a classic prank. With a little careful work, you can get that Axe smell everywhere, and it won't be gone for days! Beware that the process isn't without its dangers - you'll be using fire to make the can explode - so proceed with care and common sense.

Planning Your Prank

  1. Buy a bottle of Axe and the rest of your supplies (listed below). Any Axe aerosol spray will work, since it is flammable.
    • The bomb will work great with any flavor. But the stink will last a while, so pick the flavor that you think is most offensive.
    • Make sure you get a long neck lighter. You don't want to ignite this sucker with a tiny match. That's a good way to get burned.
    • The rubber gloves are not required. But you don't want Axe all over your hands if you are covering your tracks.
  2. Choose your target. The ideal target is someone you want to mess with, that gives a good reaction, but won't be smart enough to track you down.
  3. Don't create a massive fire. This is serious, folks. You don't want to throw this bomb onto a big rug. In the big city, that is called Arson. Don't choose a flammable target!
    • Many successful bombs have been thrown in camp cabins (that have dirt floors).
    • If its your first bomb throw, you may want to practice in an empty field.

Preparing and Loading the Bomb

  1. Make holes in the can. Take the empty soda can and poke a few holes in the bottom with the screwdriver.
    • Make like 4 or 5 holes. Doesn't matter if they are next to each other or not, just needs to be enough to let the smoke spray out the bottom.
    • Best to be careful to make holes in the bottom only. Don't destroy the can.
  2. Take off the nub from the top of the can. The nub can go completely, just toss it out. The sharp part inside the can near where you put your mouth can be just pushed back all the way. You just want to make sure you don't cut yourself on it later when you are stuffing Axe soaked paper inside the bomb.
  3. Soak the paper with the Axe. Spray the Axe onto the paper. Use up a ton till its soaked. Then, rip up the paper, rolling up the pieces that will fit inside the can. Make sure the paper is ripped and rolled into pieces that are small enough to fit.
    • Your hands will smell like Axe if you do that, so if you are worried about getting caught, use rubber gloves.
  4. Put the pieces of paper in the soda can. The ripped up pieces of paper should now be small enough to fit. Just stuff them in the hole you drink from. Ram them in there till it is full, but don't be afraid to mush it down pretty dense. As long as there is air between the paper, it will burn just fine.
  5. Spray a whole bunch more Axe in the can. Soak up the inside of the can with the Axe. The paper will absorb most of it, but you will get some leaking out the other side. That is OK, but may leave a trail.

Firing the Bomb

  1. Get the bomb and the lighter ready. If you have more than one Bomb, get 'em all ready. Be careful they don't leak all over you. As long as you keep them sideways, there won't be any leakage.
  2. Bring a friend (optional). You can bring a friend to be a witness, record for YouTube, and generally laugh and be impressed with your cleverness. Note however, the more people watching, the better chance the secret will leak.
    • Some friends are idiots, and can't keep a secret. Don't invite them.
    • Generally, when fire is involved, you want your friends to be sober.
    • If you have many bombs, you will need something to carry them. You can use a friend to do the carrying.
  3. Hold the bomb out in front of you sideways and LIGHT! You may need to tip the bomb a bit to its side to get the fire to go inside the can.
    • It will light pretty quickly. No need to get that lighter all the way inside the can.
  4. Throw it in the room! If you have a few bottles do the same process as you did with the other cans.
    • If you are highly irresponsible, are in the middle of a desert, or just like devious crafts, you can use a water balloon catapult.
  5. Run!


  • If you really want the victim to suffer, throw the cans in enclosed areas. That makes the stink stick around longer.
  • Also you can get different scents of Axe so it smells awful.


  • Make sure you cover up your tracks. If you leave obvious evidence hinting that it was you, you can get in A LOT of trouble.
  • Don't smoke while making the bomb. Don't hang out near any open flame, either.
  • You don't want to burn yourself, another person, or any property. In fact, Axe says its stupid to light Axe on fire.

Things You'll Need

  • Axe spray deodorant. The smelliest, most repulsive flavor you can find.
  • An empty soda can
  • One sheet of printer paper
  • A lighter, probably one of the long ones to be less likely to burn yourself.
  • A fire extinguisher, just in case.
  • A screwdriver.
  • Optional: Rubber gloves (in case you want to make sure your hands don't smell.)
  • Optional: A non idiotic person on lookout duty or to take video.
  • Optional: A water balloon catapult for extra range.
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