How to Be a Teen with a Life

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23-09-2016, 23:35
It's really sad when it seems that all teen girls today care about are their looks, their boyfriends, and popularity. But deep inside every "shallow girl" is someone who has real dreams, cares, and causes, and who ultimately wants to do something great with their life. Want to be one?


  1. Cut down on the cell usage for a while. Texting and chatting on the phone are okay once in a while, but they're like desserts: bad for you and just as addicting. Talking to people is great, but why not talk to them face-to-face?
  2. Makeup is never required. Many articles will tell you to "go natural" with makeup, but the reality is you never have to wear it anyway. If you take really good care of your skin, teeth, and nails, we're not kidding: you will look better without makeup than with it. Plus, how much money do you spend on the stuff, anyway?
  3. Thank your parents. Flash-forward five years: you're in a dingy apartment, broke, living on Fruit Loops. You know what a cushy set-up you have now? Good. Thank Mom and Dad once in a while for paying for everything and taking care of you. It'll show your great appreciation!
  4. Shut down the Facebook, or Myspace, or whatever. You know that they suck up your time, and you have a million better things to do. Like talk to your friends or spend some time outside.
  5. Find a cause -- and get into it. Whether it's saving threatened animals or helping abused women, men and children, every minute you put into a cause can change the week, month, year, or lifetime of someone you help. And, as long as you've spent real time helping others, your life will always mean something more than just you.
  6. School is more than memorizing. It's easy to get into the mindset that I have to go to school because they make me. But you're there for a reason -- to learn something. A lot of somethings. So next time you're checking out a sale at your favorite store and you happen to use what you learned in Algebra II to figure out if it's a better price, don't feel like a dork. Feel good that you're getting something out of forty hours a week!
  7. Above all, forget what others think. Not in the I'm-not-going-to-shower-for-a-month-because-I-don't-care way, but in a way that helps get their judging of you out of your life. If you aren't popular, obsessing over it will make you look clingy. Being your own person and doing something better with your life shows confidence, and other people can hardly look down on you for that!


  • Of course, you can and should still do fun, stupid things when you want! Don't get all serious just because you're not limiting your life to lip gloss and ringtones.
  • There are tons of great ways to get into a cause -- SPCA, Habitat for Humanity, or your local church or YMCA all have tons of fun ways to lend a helping hand for others.
  • Try figuring out something about world history or politics, like the United Nations. There's more to the world than just your hometown, and if you try hard enough, you can change part of it!
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