How to Pick Out a Corsage

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5-04-2021, 02:20
Corsages are flowers that a woman wears during special occasions (like proms or weddings). Usually, the woman's date picks out the corsage based on her clothing. If you know what corsage styles compliment an outfit, you can find the right corsage. Talk with the florist for a professional opinion if you’re uncertain.

Coordinating with Your Date

  1. Determine a color scheme with your date. Ask your date if she has any favorite colors and, with her input, choose a few colors you both like to base your outfits around. Aim for two or three colors at most. From here, you can find a corsage that fits both of your outfits.
    • You might choose a color scheme based on the seasons. If the special occasion is near Halloween, you could choose orange and black. If you're going to a Valentine's Day dance, you could choose pink, red, and white.
  2. Match with the boutonniere or corsage your date buys for you. While you'll buy your date a corsage, she will usually buy your boutonniere or corsage in return. Ask her what she's planning to purchase so you can buy a similar flower. You might coordinate on the flower type, color, or special accent.
  3. Pick a color based on your tie, cummerbund, or vest. To draw connections between you and your date's outfits, buy a corsage that matches a color featured on your outfit. That way, even if your boutonniere does not resemble her corsage exactly, your outfits will match. Rather than the primary color, focus on the color of your tie or similar accessory.
  4. Look at a picture of her dress before you buy the corsage. Seeing her dress beforehand will help you coordinate your outfits and your flowers, as well as what type of corsage you buy. The two main choices are wrist or pinned corsages. If her dress has sleeves, choose a corsage that you can pin to her chest. For strapless or sleeveless dresses, a wrist corsage will work best.
    • If you decide on a wrist corsage, measure her wrist to order the right size.

Accenting an Outfit

  1. Complement her dress color rather than match it exactly. The corsage color should enhance the outfit without drawing too much attention away from her dress. Avoid choosing a color identical to her dress. Choose a color that will instead highlight her outfit colors. If her dress is pink, for example, look for oranges or reds for a sunset-like effect.
    • Colors close to her dress on the color wheel (like deeper pink and magenta) make for an aesthetically-pleasing contrast. See if the outfit has an accent color which can be nicely present in the wrist corsage.
    • Context also matters for color. If you're going to a wedding, for example, you will want to avoid a white corsage.
  2. Pick corsage accessories that accentuate the flower. Feathers, jewels, sparkles, and bows are all possible add-ons for corsages. Corsage accents should be part of the overarching design rather than draw attention from the flower (or her outfit). Go for one or two accents at most when choosing the design. Any more will distract too much from her dress.
  3. Choose a simple or bold corsage based on her dress style. Pick the corsage that most fits her personality. If she's chosen a classic, elegant dress, then an understated rose with pearls might work best. But if she likes to stand out, a corsage with plenty of ribbons and sparkles might work best.
  4. Talk to your date about her favorite flowers. A corsage your date loves will boost her confidence for the entire evening. Ask her to tell you if she has any preferences. Keep an eye out for the flowers she loves when you're ordering her corsage, or ask the florist if they could make a specialized order.
    • Ask your date if she has any specific flower allergies.

Buying Your Corsage

  1. Set a budget before you place an order. A corsage can cost as little as $10 or up to $45-50 depending on how decorated it is. Be transparent with your florist. Tell them what your budget is so they can tell you fitting options without tempting you out of your limit.
    • Pin-ons are often cheaper than wrist corsages.
  2. Ask your date to come with you to the florist. You and your date do not have to wait until the special event to see your flowers. If you're worried about matching, you can buy your corsage and boutonniere at the same time. Some florists even have special deals or corsage/boutonniere packages available during prom season.
  3. Let your florist know any details about your outfits. Show your florist pictures of her dress and your outfit if you have any so they can recommend an option. If you haven't chosen outfits yet, tell the florist your color scheme. Tell her additional information as well, like your date's favorite flower, her allergies, or her personality.
  4. Order your corsage at least several weeks before the special event. Once prom season comes around, local florists are bombarded with corsage and boutonniere orders. They may not finish your order in time (or even refuse to take it) if you wait until the last minute. For particularly detailed orders, visit the flower shop one month in advance.
  5. Make your own corsage as an alternative. Local flower shops might not have the corsage you had in mind, or you might not have the budget for the corsage you want. Purchase a singular flower or cut one from your own garden, and make a corsage using materials from a nearby craft store (like ribbons, lace, or glitter).
    • Choose a flower symbolic of your relationship. You might choose chrysanthemums for loyalty, for example, or orchids for admiration.


  • Roses are a classic and popular chose for corsages.
  • If you pick up the corsage several days early, store it in your refrigerator until the day of the event.
  • Shop around at several florist shops to find the best deal.
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