How to Get an Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

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8-10-2016, 19:15
The bob, also known as a blunt cut, is a classic women's hairstyle that is easy to create and maintain. It makes styling hair a snap and allows for a lot of variations. The asymmetrical bob differs from the standard bob, in that the hair is a different length on each side of the head, or changes length suddenly from the back to the front. This cut may also include layers, added texture and side-swept bangs.


  1. Visit a professional hairstylist. While a standard bob haircut is easy enough to attempt at home, an asymmetrical bob can be very complicated. A professional has the training required to determine how to cut an asymmetrical bob to flatter your face.
  2. Use your own words to describe what you want rather than attempt to use industry terms. There are many kinds of asymmetrical bobs--if you use the wrong term, you may find yourself with the cut you asked for but not the one you wanted.
  3. Look at photos of celebrities who are wearing their hair the way you'd like to wear yours. Bring the photos into the hairdresser and discuss how the hairstyle can be modified for the shape of your face.
    • Discuss adding a perm or hair color to your bob. Highlights and loose waves work especially well with bobs.
    • Consider getting asymmetrically cut bangs, which can work very well when swept toward the longer side of an asymmetrical bob.
    • Ask how you can use hair products with an asymmetrical bob. For instance, you can "slick down" only the short side of the bob or give it a slightly messy or "piece-y" look.
  4. Talk to your hairstylist about whether you want to blow-dry your hair or let it dry on its own, whether you are willing to use hair products, how important a uniform look is to you and how often you want to come in for trims.
    • Most bob styles require trims every four to six weeks to stay looking their best. Don't let yourself be talked into a look that will require more time to style than you're willing to spend.
  5. Watch your hairstylist dry and style your hair after cutting it. Use the same tools and products and replicate the hair stylist's technique at home to recreate the look you had on the day your hair was cut.


  • Make sure you trust the stylist and know they will do well cutting your hair,so don't go to a different stylist for this cut.Go to one who knows you and has cut your hair before.
  • Although asymmetrical bobs may not always be fashionable, the bob itself has not gone out of style since it was introduced in the 1920s. By working with a bob, you're free to experiment with new looks without straying too far from what you know already works.


  • Asymmetrical bobs are considered edgy and trendy. They may seem out of place on women who are not otherwise concerned with fashion trends.
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