How to Get Free Lives in Candy Crush

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19-04-2021, 17:40
Candy Crush is a puzzle matching game that can be played on Facebook or downloaded onto your mobile device through the game's mobile application. The purpose of the game is to match candy combinations to remove pieces from the board. You begin the game with five lives, but you lose a life every time you fail a level. There are many ways that you can get more lives, including waiting for them to be restored, tricking the game into thinking it's time to replenish your lives, or even begging other Candy Crusher friends!

Getting Free Lives on Your Mobile Device

  1. Wait patiently for more lives. Candy Crush starts you off with five lives every day. Once those are exhausted, they will replenish at the rate of one per half hour. Hard as it may be, you can also just turn the game off and wait until tomorrow for five fresh lives.
  2. Trick the game into thinking it's a new day. Because Candy Crush provides five lives every day, you can get five more lives by changing the date on your mobile device and tricking the game into thinking it's time to replenish your lives. When you've exhausted your five lives for the day, you can:
    • On an iOS device, go to Settings > General > Date and Time. On an Android, go to Settings > Date And Time.
    • Go to Set Automatically (iOS) or Automatic Date and Time (Android) and turn this function off. Click on the date and time bar and manually set the date ahead to tomorrow. Launch Candy Crush and check that your five lives have been replenished. Return to the Date and Time setting and turn Set Automatically back on.
  3. Delete and reinstall the app. By doing this, you'll trick the game into thinking you are a new user and gain five new lives. To save your previous progress, make sure you sign in through Facebook in the app.
    • Be warned that deleting the app will permanently delete your boosters.

Getting Free Lives on Facebook

  1. Switch to Facebook. When you run out of lives on your mobile device, log in to the game through Facebook and you'll have five new lives waiting for you to use them up.
  2. Open the game in multiple browser tabs. Before you start playing, open Candy Crush in multiple tabs. Once you've worked your way through the five lives in the first tab, you will still have an extra life available to play in each other tab you opened.
  3. Ask your friends. Click on the blue and white cross in the top navigation bar. Click Ask Friends. Click the friends you want to ask or type in specific names into the search bar. Select Send Request and wait for the love to come pouring in!
    • Don't accept bonus lives when you already have five lives (if you can avoid it), because those lives can't be banked away and you'll lose them.


  • You can also buy more lives in Candy Crush through the mobile app. Five lives will cost you about $1.
  • If you get more lives by adjusting the time and date on your phone, be warned that this could affect any alarms or calendar settings you have programmed.
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