How to Put a High Gloss Shine on a Pair of Black Boots

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8-10-2016, 22:55
Have you ever wanted a pair of boots to look their best, but unsure of a good procedure to do so? Read on to learn a simple way to produce that high-gloss shine that you've always been waiting for.


  1. Obtain your pair of black boots.
  2. Purchase a can of Parade Gloss. This is the most high-gloss polish.
  3. Get a few cotton balls. With the can of Parade Gloss in one hand, open the can.
  4. Pour some water into the lid of the Parade Gloss.
  5. Dip the cotton ball in the water. Pat it gently on the back of your hand to remove the excess water.
  6. Move the cotton ball around in circular motion. With the cotton ball properly wet, take it and move it around the Parade Gloss until the cotton ball is thoroughly coated.
  7. Apply the Parade Gloss to the toe of the boot. With the boot on the other hand, take the cotton ball and use small circular motions.
  8. Keep going in small circles. Eventually, the boot will produce a very high-gloss shine.
  9. Repeat the above steps for the other boot.


  • Make sure the boots are clean before you polish them.
  • Make sure that the cotton ball is not soaked, as this will cause the parade gloss to not be able to get shiny.

Things You'll Need

  • Can of Parade Gloss
  • Black Combat/Jungle boots
  • Cotton Balls
  • Water
  • Time
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