How to Make First Birthday Party Preparations

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9-10-2016, 02:25
Your child's first birthday party is a very exciting event! It can also be overwhelming for a very young birthday boy or girl. Keep your child's needs in mind when you plan and the first birthday will be a happy occasion.


  1. Determine just how much "birthday" your child can handle. While it's great that you want to celebrate this milestone, your child probably won't get the significance of the day. If your baby is particularly shy around other people, a low key family only event may be best.
  2. Keep it small. Invite just a few close friends. Most children at this age will be overwhelmed by too many people. A few people you know from a local baby group or class who your child has met before may be best.
  3. Keep it short. A few hours is more than sufficient. Be mindful of your child's normal routine. Scheduling a party during naptime invites disaster.
  4. Remember if there will be older children, have something to entertain them. If the only other children will be around one year old, just put a few toys and snacks out.
  5. Serve a special birthday cupcake and sing "Happy Birthday". This is prime photo time!


  • If scheduling around your child's nap time on the actual day is a problem, move the celebration to a weekend. Your child won't know the difference.
  • Decorate your house. Make a "Happy Birthday Banner". If you have other kids you can involve them with the coloring, pre-party. Posters or danglers both work. Be sure to add the date. A great photo op.
  • Provide some food for the other adults to enjoy too.
  • Have other parents ready to pitch in with the kid wrangling, if necessary.


  • Don't get your expectations up too high. There's a good chance that the birthday child will refuse to eat the cupcake, ignore the presents in favor of the wrapping paper, or cry or sleep through the whole event.
  • No balloons. If you must have them, keep them out of reach of your child, as well as the children attending.
  • Keep an eye on potentially dangerous wrapping and packaging material. Throw it away immediately.
  • Chocolate is still forbidden at this age, so get a cake that is something other than chocolate.
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