How to Bend a Paper Clip to Hang Light Objects on Cubicle Walls

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25-09-2016, 10:05
Ah, the cubicle, home to office workers all over. The bland colored fabric walls are frequently supported by solid metal that refuses to admit any sort of thumb tacks or pins. Whether you'd like to cover your corporate gray enclosure in important reference materials or just put up something a bit more colorful, here's how to do the job with an ordinary paper clip.


  1. Arrange a small, wire-loop paper clip as shown, so that there are two loops on top and one loop on the bottom.
  2. Twist the taller loop out to one side.
  3. Twist the shorter loop out to the other side.
  4. If you would like a hook, bend the bottom loop up.
  5. Poke the loose ends through the woven fabric on the cube wall. They will sit flat against the impermeable metal below. You may have to put the taller end in first.
  6. Hang papers, photos, and postcards without puncturing them by slipping them under the "hook" portion. There is no need to bend up a hook if you are using this configuration.
  7. Hang calendars and anything else equipped with a hole by placing the hole over the hook.


  • With a lightweight paper clip and a bit of determination, you can accomplish these twists with your fingers. If you need a bit of help and don't have pliers, try bending against the flat edge of a sturdy ruler or scissors.
  • A commercial version is available from office supply places, but paper clips are already available in just about any office.
  • You may need to adjust the angles a bit, especially if you are using this as a clip.
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