How to Double Date

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30-04-2021, 03:20
Going on double dates can be a lot of fun. Spending time with other couples can be an even better way to improve your own relationship, causing you to feel much closer with your partner. So if you and your significant other want to have a fun night out with friends and help strengthen your own relationship you might consider going on a double date.

Having A Great Date

  1. Think of who you are going on the date with. Before you actually start planning any date you will want to think about who you are inviting on the date. You will want to make sure that everyone going on the date will be compatible with one another. Take a few moments to think about the personalities of those going on the date to make sure it will be a good one.
    • Think about the other couple you are bringing along and make sure they will be a good fit for you and your partner.
    • Try to find a good mix of personalities that will prevent any one person from dominating the conversation or from shying away.
  2. Take a few moments to yourselves. Although you will be going on a double date, taking a few moments alone with your partner can be a good idea. This small break can give you both some time to enjoy each others company alone and discuss your thoughts and feelings about the evening. Think about some ways you can enjoy small moments as a couple during your double date.
    • You might try asking your date to grab the next round of drinks with you.
    • Getting up to dance with your date can give you both a few minutes together.
  3. Include everyone. Going on a double date will require you all to pay careful attention to everyone's mood and level of engagement. Whatever the reason, you will have to step in and engage someone if it feels like they aren't comfortable, are acting withdrawn, or are being excluded. Keep everyone engaged and part of the evening to help make your double date a good one.
    • If someone hasn't spoken in some time you should steer your conversation in a direction that involves their thoughts.
    • Make sure to focus your energy on the other couple and not just your own date.
  4. Avoid being too intimate or personal. Part of double dating is sharing the evening with another couple. This couple won't share the same bond that you and your date might. Always avoid over-sharing personal details or being overly affectionate with your partner when on a double date to keep things comfortable.
    • Don't discuss anything too personal that might make the other couple uncomfortable.
    • Keep your displays of affection light.

Ideas For Double Dates

  1. Go to movie and dinner. It's a classic date idea and for good reason. Seeing a movie is an entertaining way to spend time together and it can give you something to talk about during dinner. Try relaxing and spending a fun double date together by watching a movie everyone will enjoy and eating at your favorite restaurant.
    • Discuss which movie you are all going to see to make sure it's a good choice for everyone.
    • Talk about where to go for dinner to make sure everyone can find something they will enjoy on the menu.
  2. Plan an activity. Most double dates are focused around doing some activity that allows for great conversation and fun to be had by all. There are many activities that you can plan for your double date that will help make your time together a blast. Think about some of the following things that you might all enjoy doing:
    • Dancing
    • Bowling
    • Ice skating
    • Miniature golf
    • Seeing a band play live
  3. Have date night at home. If you enjoy entertaining guests, cooking, and having a great night in then you can try inviting another couple over to enjoy the evening with. Meeting at your home can really help build a sense of friendship between couples and can also build a stronger bond between you and your loved one.
    • You can cook a tasty dinner together.
    • Have fun decorating or preparing your home the way you want it.
    • Hosting a game night can be a fun way to spend time with another couple.
    • Try hosting your own dinner and movie night.

Benefits Of Double Dating

  1. Fall even deeper into love. Going on dates one-on-one can be a fun way to spend time with your partner and can improve your feeling of connectedness. Going on double dates has been shown to improve your bond even more than dating as a single couple. Try going on a double date to make your relationship feel even more special.
  2. Make great friends. Not only will a double date help you and your loved one feel great about each other but it can also lead to you both making new friends. It has been shown that the more personal the connection between the couples, the more the couples benefit from the date. Couples who have more friends in common are also generally more happy within their own relationship.
  3. Improve your health. Beyond improving your relationship, double dating can lead to larger health benefits. Since double-dating can be so effective at making your relationship feel secure and loving, it can reduce stress and improve health.


  • Make sure everyone will enjoy whatever date you are planning.
  • Have something in mind when you ask another couple to join you.
  • Remember to speak with everyone in the group.
  • Having personal conversations with other couples has been shown to increase romantic feelings between you and your partner.
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