How to Help Make a Tree Produce (Skinning Bark Method)

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25-09-2016, 10:50
If you have a tree that won't produce fruit, this method might be a good solution for you. It involves skinning some bark (to make the tree 'think' that it is hurt). Once you do this, regenerative healing energy, will mend the scar. As a result, the tree will try to survive, and then it will thrive. If you want to help a tree produce, then this is the right article for you!


  1. Take a big knife, and skin the bark up from the tree. Remember not to skin all the way to the middle of the tree- only take enough to bark to make the tree think it's injured.
  2. Break off a few branches on the tree, and discard it. Make sure the branches are medium-sized. It's like pruning a tree, only pruning off more than you normally would. Breaking small ones off won't do any good, but you certainly don't want to break off large ones. You may accidentally kill the tree instead of helping it produce.
  3. Avoid making a ring around the tree when taking the bark off. It is possible for the tree to die this way. You only want to create a wound in one part of the tree's body, and cutting a circle in the bark is more harmful than helpful.
  4. Wait to see if the tree produces fruit after healing. If the wounds have healed and there is no sign of anything being produced, you may need to try again. If this method simply isn't working for you, seek another way to help your tree thrive by looking it up on wikiHow, or going to a gardener's website to see if it has any advice.


  • Plants skinned in this manner often grow to an incredible size and produce great fruit.
  • Make sure your knife is sharpened before cutting the bark. Dull knives don't work well for taking bark off trees.
  • Try this method along with other methods- give your tree a new fertilizer and prune small excess branches at the same time and you'll have a much higher chance of getting your tree to produce.


  • Be very careful when handling knives or other sharp tools. You want to injure the tree slightly, not yourself!
  • Do not do this if the tree is showing obvious signs of distress such as withering leaves. This could mean your tree is malnourished, poorly watered, or even given too much water.
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