How to Start a Glee Club

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19-10-2016, 08:05
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Glee club can be a chance to connect with other people with talents like or as amazing as yours. Here is how you can start one just like the one on TV.(with the exception of a lot of drama)


  1. Gather information, ask some kids if they like the idea, you can't have a glee club without members
  2. Find a room you in which to practice
  3. Find a teacher with a vocal background or ask the vocal teacher, ask if they would be interested
  4. Estimate how much money it is going to cost (optional)
  5. Practice what you are going to say, to convince your principal you have to show and tell him/her your idea
  6. Present the idea to your Principal
  7. After you present your idea he/she will have to think about it. If they say no it's okay, if they say yes then that's great
  8. Talk with the teacher running the program, decide how and what the club is going to do
  9. Have auditions for the glee club -- the most important thing is the members
  10. After you decide who is in, figure out as a group how you want to use your voices. You could sing at hospitals or senior centers, get competitive with other glee clubs, or sing to raise money for cancer or another sickness
  11. Practice makes perfect and permanent. Make sure everyone is showing some effort to learn the songs
  12. You pretty much take it from here, you do what you want with your voices


  • Make sure everyone is heard if they have suggestions for songs, performances, etc. Remember you have to work as a team
  • When you have solo auditions make sure everyone who wants to gets a chance to audition.
  • When you pick some one for a solo don't always pick the same person(others want to be heard and some need time to break out of their shell the solo could give them a chance to shine. I remember feeling it was unfair when this one girl got all the solos just because she was louder than all of us.)
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