How to Beat Elizabeth in Persona 3

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Most people will probably recognize Elizabeth as Igor’s attendant who resides with him in the Velvet room. Elizabeth is actually an optional boss who can only be accessed after you choose to spare Ryoji Mochizuki. After accepting the quest, she will appear on the 10th floor of Monad. This battle is only available after beating the game once (new game+). Here’s how you can beat her.

Learning the Unspoken Rules

  1. Prepare for a solo battle. Before you start the battle, Elizabeth will ask you to send your party members back. This means you will have to fight her alone.
  2. Know that the persona you have summoned cannot Null, Absorb, nor Repel the element of her current persona. This only applies to currently summoned personas. Example: She summons Surt (fire based attack) and you have Loki (null fire skill) equipped.
  3. Make sure the equipment you have does not have null, absorb, nor repel towards the element of her current persona. The same goes for Weapons, Armor, and Acce. The Element includes physical attacks like Slash, Pierce, etc.
  4. Do no use Armageddon. At least wait until it can kill her in one hit. A good time is when her HP is 9,998 and below. If you do otherwise, she will retaliate with her Megidolaon and spam it.

Knowing the Personas

  1. Understand the personas Elizabeth has. Elizabeth is similar to the main character because she is also a multi-persona user/wild card. Her team consists of the following:
    • Surt – fire based attacks
    • Jack Frost – ice based attacks
    • Thor – electricity based attacks
    • Cu Chulainn – wind based attacks
    • Metatron – light based attacks
    • Alice – dark based attacks
    • Nebiros – debuffs/ailments based attacks
    • Masakado – almighty (Megidolaon does 9,999 damage)
  2. Gather the personas you need. For this battle you will be relying on fusion spells, specifically Infinity (Vishnu and Ananta), and Armageddon (Satan and Lucifer). For the rest of your team, any persona of your choice will do. However, there are 4 must-have personas because of their fusion spells.
    • Lucifer - required
    • Satan - required
    • Vishnu - required
    • Ananta - required
    • Orpheus Telos and any other persona - optional

Getting Your Equipment and Items

    • Get a High-Tier Spear or Bow. Missing Elizabeth during a physical attack can be costly. Spears and bows are recommended.
  1. Get Light Armor. Physical resistance can lower physical damage. This can be obtained from Messiah.
  2. Get Light Shoes. –+Evasion can be obtained from Messiah. It is not very useful because of divine pillar's effects. However, it still gives a decent amount of defense.
  3. Get Divine Pillar. This halves physical damage, so you will not be able to evade. It can be obtained from Alilat.
  4. Get Soma. This is needed for healing.
  5. Get High Counter Skill. It can randomly reflect physical attacks. This is an exemption to rules 2 and 3 mentioned above.
  6. Get Homunculi. This is an item that sacrifices itself, so you don’t die against Mahamaon and Mamudoon.

Completing the Requirements

  1. Be at least at level 95. Level 99 is recommended because it gets 999 HP and SP.
  2. Get a Calculator. You’ll need it to calculate Elizabeth's HP every time you do damage.
  3. Have a lot of patience and high level personas. It will be a long and tough battle, so get ready.

Battling Elizabeth

  1. Summon a Persona with strong resistance to fire. Elizabeth will use Surt and attack you with either Maragidyne or a physical attack. You can attack at this turn.
    • How you attack is based on which persona you brought to battle. Using Mind Charge is recommended because physical attacks do little damage against Elizabeth.
  2. Summon a Persona with strong Ice resistance/Diarahan skill. Elizabeth will summon Jack Frost. She will attack you with either Mabufudyne or a physical attack. Heal on this turn.
    • On average, Elizabeth will hit you with at least 400 damage. Use Diarahan or Soma on this turn.
  3. Summon a persona with high Thunder resistance. Elizabeth will summon Thor. Since you used Mind Charge, attack with either Garudyne or Bufudyne on this turn.
  4. Summon a persona with strong Wind resistance. Elizabeth will summon Cu Chulainn. Heal yourself with either Diarahan or Soma on this turn.
  5. Summon any persona you want to use. Elizabeth will summon Metatron and cast Mahamaon. Since you’ve brought some homunculus with you, there is nothing to worry about. Cast Mind Charge on this turn.
  6. Summon any persona you want to use. Elizabeth will summon Alice and cast Mamudoon. Like the previous persona, a Humunculus will save you in case Mamudoon doesn’t miss. Attack her with any -dyne spell (Agidyne, Bufudyne, etc.).
  7. Summon a persona that has high resistance to ailments such as Anubis. Elizabeth will summon Nebiros and attempt to inflict ailments on you. Do a physical attack on this turn.
  8. Summon Vishnu and cast Infinity (Fusion Spell). Elizabeth will summon Masakado and attack you with Megidolaon.
    • It’s important that you cast infinity. Megidolaon will kill you instantly if you don’t use it.
  9. Repeat the process until her HP falls below 10,000. She will summon pixie and fully heal herself. The first time her HP falls below 10,000, she will heal herself back to 20,000 HP.
  10. Repeat the process one more time until her HP falls below 10,000. This time she won’t heal. But be careful because if her HP falls below 9,000, she will heal endlessly.
  11. Cast Armageddon before her HP goes below 9,000. She will not be able to retaliate with Megidolaon. This will kill her instantly and end the battle in your victory.


  • Elizabeth has 20,000 HP. When her HP falls below 10,000 for the first time, she will heal back to 20,000. After that she will endlessly heal once her HP falls below 9,000. This means that this battle is impossible to win without Armageddon.
  • If you break any of the rules, Elizabeth will spam with Megidolaon. Even if your persona or items revive you, she will spam the Megidolaon until you die.
  • The loss of evasion is made up for by High Counter. It will do about 600 damage when it reflects Elizabeth’s attack.
  • Orpheus Telos has high resistance towards everything, but is a pain to fuse.
  • Alternatively, if you are able to keep score on her HP, let her attack you when her HP falls to about 10,500 and below. Wait for High Counter to work until her HP is 9,999 and below, then use Armageddon.
  • A simple pattern to battling her is: Mind Charge > Heal > -Dyne spell > Heal > Mind Charge > -Dyne spell> Physical attack > Infinity.
  • The fusion spell Armageddon lets you do 9,999 damage. The fusion spell Infinity makes you invulnerable for 1 turn.
  • Once Elizabeth summons her 8th persona, she will cast Megidolaon twice, which will do 9,999 damage each. The MC can only get a maximum of 999 HP, making this battle impossible to win without infinity.
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