How to Catch Rayquaza on Pokemon, With Very Underleveled Pokemon

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19-10-2016, 09:50
Want to catch Rayquaza so you can use it to beat the Elite 4, but have Pokémon under level 50? Well, read on for tips on how to catch Rayquaza with underdeveloped Pokémon.


  1. Catch a Nincada.
  2. Level it up to level 20. Make sure you have at least one slot in your Pokémon team and at least one Pokéball.
  3. You should get a Shedinja. It is a very special Pokémon. For this Pokémon has 1 HP, but only "super effective" hits work, so everything else will miss!
  4. Teach your Shedinja Double Team and Flash. If you level it up far enough, you should get Confuse Ray and Smite as well.
  5. After Groudon and Kyogre are calmed, go to the Sky Tower and get into a battle with Rayquaza. Make sure to save before battling it!
  6. Start with Shedinja out. Immediately use Double Team 6 times. Rayquaza has the move Fly, which is super effective against Shedinja.
  7. Use Flash 6 times. This will make its accuracy very poor.
  8. Use Confuse Ray (optional). It will use Rest after that, and you can use Smite to lower its PP count of Rests.
  9. Use Blizzard. If your Pokémon is fairly strong for a 40, it should lower its health around a fourth.
  10. Get it down to red HP.
  11. Use a move that causes either Paralysis or Sleep such as Thunder Wave or Sleep Powder.
  12. Throw a crap load of Pokéballs.


  • Bring a lot of Ultra Balls and Timer Balls. Timer Balls work well if the battle goes on for a long time.
  • You may have to get Rayquaza down to red few times because it has Rest. You may want to wait until it uses all of his Rests.


  • If its HP is super low, and it runs out of moves, it will use Struggle. This will hit Shedinja, and it will cause recoil damage to Rayquaza.
  • If it uses Outrage, it will become confused after 3 uses of it. If its HP is low, it may kill itself from hitting itself in confusion.
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