How to Feel Better when Depressed

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19-10-2016, 11:15
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Tons of people are depressed, whether it is due to finances, relationships, or jobs. Many of those people do not want to take Dr. prescribed medication. Here are some helpful tips to lighten your mood and make your more happy the natural way!


  1. Write it down. It is very helpful to express your feelings on paper. This gives you a sense of control, because often when depressed, we have thoughts and feelings overwhelming us and bombarding us. Writing helps your give an honest approach, and helps you somewhat organize the most prominent and negative feelings. Next, it is helpful to analyze those feelings, and assess what the origin of that negative feeling is, finally, list ways that you can change the origin of that feeling.
  2. Control vs. No Control. It is helpful to keep in mind what you can control, and what is out of your control. Know your limits. For instance, you can not control how someone is going to act. But you can control how you will react to that person's actions.
  3. Do something physical. Go take a walk, get your blood flowing. It will help your mind. If it is too cold to walk, or you do not live where you can easily take a peaceful walk, get on your floor and stretch your muscles for 10 minutes a day. You can also jog in place for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Pet a dog or cat. Animals are extremely therapeutic. If you do not have an animal, I suggest going to your local zoo, park to watch squirrels or birds, or even just watch a nature show.
  5. Music Music Music. Music is healing. Listen to relaxing music, especially with piano or string instruments. Do not listen to sad music! Music is very powerful, and can switch a mood in an instant either for better or worse.
  6. Talk to someone. It is easy to be a recluse, and hold feeling inside while one is depressed. You must talk about it to a friend, or relative that you trust. If you do not have anyone in your life that you trust, please go back to step one and tell your journal.
  7. Positive thoughts. This is one of the most difficult, but powerful steps. We are so conditioned to think in a negative manner. What we think is very influential to how we feel! If negative thoughts come in, you need to stop them in their tracks, and replace them by positive thoughts. If you can not think of anything positive, be thankful for the sun shining this morning,or for the rain that nourishes the ground, or that you wake up alive. It helps to believe, or at least try to believe, that you are here and alive today for a reason, even if that reason is a mystery for you.
  8. Try Saint John's Wort. Widely known as an herbal treatment for depression, this is natural, and pocket book friendly
  9. Get Active and out there. Go out to a coffee shop. Go to a library. Attend church or another organization. Being out and around people can lift your spirits, especially if you meet a friend.
  10. See a therapist/counselor. If you feel like you have tried everything under the sun to deal with your depression on your own, there are many professional people that are wonderful, and have had a great deal of experience with in the area of depression. Often times, clinics will have licensed therapists that charge on a sliding scale. There is no shame in this, even therapists have therapists. It is extremely beneficial to talk to someone with expertise, who has been trained to assist in this area.


  • Don't pay too much attention to criticism coming from idiots.
  • If you are artistic, make something! Express your troubles and get them out of your head through artistic expression.
  • Make Positive thoughts rule your brain. This takes a LOT of practice, but it will get easier.
  • Gardening, or just being in nature works wonders!
  • When you can control it, don't worry or think about things that are depressive.
  • Write positive thoughts about yourself (or something Else) on a small piece of paper and put them out in your room; i.e "you have very beautiful eyes" and out that paper on the mirror or inside of the closet door.


  • You might be in a state of depression where none of these things help alleviate your sadness, but it's important to continuously try different methods as they may end up helping some of the time.
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