How to Pull off a Great Summer Look

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19-10-2016, 11:20
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Summer, the hottest season. It's also a great season to look cute and have fun. If you need help finding that great summer look, you've come to the right place.


  1. Shirts. Wear something cool and open, in the summer time it's best if your shoulders are exposed, tube tops, spaghetti straps stuff like that. Also if you're the type of person that's not so revealing when it comes to shirts wear a cute tee, something with a colorful design, summer is a season where you can express those bright colors!
  2. Summer Dresses. If you don't like to wear dresses skip this step and go on to step 3, otherwise in the summer it's sexy to wear a pretty dress. Try something out that's adorable like a dress with polka dots or something attractive like a dress with flowers or something that looks totally sweet like an open backed dress. Express your inner style!
  3. Shorts and skirts. Something like a white short or skirt to go with that sexy purple tank top of yours is awesome. Mini-skirts are totally "in" when it's summer so are shorts, or if you'd rather go with something more in or adventure looking try Bermuda shorts and capris. They might be less revealing, but they look great and will look perfect on long legs.
  4. Shoes. Open toed shoes are best during summer, as we all know it's extremely hot in summer and your feet will sweat when they're still in socks. Sandals are irresistible on mini-skirts, but if your planning on a long walk in summer and still want to look cute buy sandals that don't have heels, your feet will hurt after you take a few steps if you wear heels.
  5. Your hair. It's cool to tie your hair up in the summer because it's hot and you'll sweat and tying your hair will help you cool down. Consider two nice cute pony tails (if you want to look sweet) one on each side of your head, or something casual like a sideways ponytail it always looks hot! Maybe a nice original ponytail is good at times.
  6. Your bag. Summer bags can be really bright! If you don't carry anything much, buy yourself a colorful sling bag, plaid looks great on almost anything so does white, black and red. White for a more bright and cheerful personality or black and red for a sexy bad girl! Plaid is sophisticated and cool, it adds design and color to whatever you're wearing (if what you have thrown on is plain).
  7. Nails. Something refreshing will do during summer, like watermelon nail stickers on plain pink nail polish or delicious colorful stripes, colors that make a good combination like pink, purple and orange will do. Bright colors like that will look amazing in the sun! Plain colors like green will look fine too.


  • Sometimes when you shop for tube tops you might have to try a size bigger.
  • Shave off any of that excess hair you don't want


  • When wearing open toe shoes, be careful, it's very easy to trip while wearing them.
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