How to Do a Bigspin Flip on a Skateboard

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19-10-2016, 13:10
Learn how to spin the skateboard all it is is a complete big spin flip that's it on a tree. This should only be attempted by advanced skateboarders, who can at least do the following: kick flip, varial flip, 360 pop shove-it, backside 180, (tre flip - recommended) and you MUST have a high pain fresh-hold in your shins, trust me on that one. Don't be scared off though, this poem of skate skill is a masterpiece. It can be done in many styles, caught at 90, backspin 180 late variable, variable late backspin 180, the list is endless...


  1. Ride at a very fast speed with your back flip in the Ollie position and your front foot should be just above the middle of the board with the heel sticking out, but not too much, you don't want to fall off.
  2. Visualisation is the key here. Try to visualise where the board will finish it's flip, in the air or otherwise, because it will come into play later on. Crouch down a bit and get ready to pop. Look at an area just in front of your back foot, it helps with the body rotation.
  3. Pop the board with your toe about the same strength as a variable flip and jump to the place you visualized earlier, try to apply pressure near the bolts. At the same time let your shoulders lead your body through the rotation, they are where the power comes from, and stay focused on the area near your foot. Your front foot should point directly down during the flip (it won't but the action in the attempt will add style, grace and above all, the flip you need) and try to tense your toes as it is in contact with the board then relax it as it leaves, giving your foot more spring in the flip.
  4. Jump with your stomach, this allows you to almost literally "suck" the board up. Keep your feet out of the way in your own style, it takes practice and practice only alone for this bit.
  5. As you see the grip tape appear again, "unload" your stomach (you'll know what i mean when you've landed one) then push down against/in the direction of the board and twist it the remainder of the 180 if necessary.
  6. Land on the bolts with your knees bent a little to add style and suspension. If this is done right, your front foot should be in the area from before near your back foot (relative to your body when flipped down sets, across distances or at high speeds. Of course).
  7. Most importantly, ride away.


  • The foot placements and movements are only recommended from my own personal experience and practice, they are NOT set in concrete. So don't be afraid to do things your own way.
  • A lot of people will say to try it in Fakie first as it is easier, but i think to gain two tricks for the time of one it is better to do it in standard stance. After all, skateboarding should be a challenge so please don't take the easy way out.
  • Don't get annoyed with it and don't trust it either, a trick this good deserves respect. Take it for granted or treat it wrongly, it will get you back!
  • Have fun and NEVER give up trying, its half the battle.
  • If you land a little less than 180 you should revert, "Mini Manny", or pivot to keep rolling.
  • Study and compare the styles of pros' techniques, it will help.


  • This should only be tried by the arrogant or the people who are ready.
  • Watch out for landing in Credit Card (on the side), it will put you out of action for a while!
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