How to Be Successful at Everything You Do (for Students)

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16-05-2021, 18:20
All students want to be successful and shine bright! You see that your friend won the spelling bee, you want to win it too. You see that your other friend won the sports league, you want to do that too. After reading this article, you won't have the want to do what other people do. Surprisingly, you will find that people now want to do what you do.

Enhance the Good in Yourself

  1. Think of what you're good at the most. Maybe you're good at sports, or maybe you're better in spelling or writing. We're all good at different things anyway.
  2. Start working on the things you're good at. Let's say you're in spelling for example and you memorize spelling really good. Start joining the spelling bee competition in your school. Or, if you're good at basketball, maybe you should tryout for the school team.
  3. After you get the approval or the word that you really are good at this kind of thing, consider this thing part of your lifestyle. Maybe if basketball was your thing, you should consider basketball tournaments as becoming part of your life for example.

Improve Yourself

  1. After you find the good thing in yourself or the thing you're good at the most, maybe you should start working on something else. Something that you're interested in but never tried for example. Let's say you like ballet but you've never tried it, start taking ballet classes and watching videos about ballet on YouTube.
  2. Go ahead, ask people for their opinion about you. Ask them what they find good and bad in you. Maybe you can work on the bad things and become a better person.
  3. Plan out things in your mind, what's something you've always hated about yourself? Try on improving it. For example, if you hate your body, work hard on losing those extra pounds. Read other articles on how to do so, or just go to a dietitian.


  1. Think about your grades, are they good or bad? If they're bad, make them good. If they're good, make them better.
  2. Start off by thinking about subjects that you're weak in, maybe you're bad at maths, get some help from a tutor or even your friend!
  3. If you've never considered studying daily, consider that! Start studying everyday and revising what you took. Don't leave everything until the last minute.

Get Organized

  1. Lastly, you can't achieve anything if you're life is a total mess. If you have a birthday this weekend and a test, start studying for the test from now. If you leave everything until the last minute, you will be to busy preparing yourself for the party and forget about your test.
  2. Consider getting an agenda or a planner to write out your plans and events on.
  3. Do everything on time.


  • Keep in mind that you can't be perfect. No matter how much you try, you'll never be perfect. Because nobody is perfect. If you have an obsession on being a perfectionist, work towards overcoming it.


  • Never point out your flaws or bad things to someone else.
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