How to Find Dogs

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25-09-2016, 11:50
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We all want to find the best dog for ourselves whether it be a family dog or simply for companionship. Here's a few tips to help you get on your way to find the dog that's perfect for you.


  1. Identify the type of dog you think relates the best to your lifestyle whether it be for your family life or just for yourself. Will you be able to look after a large dog that needs exercise constantly? Or would you rather a small dog that needs minimum exercise and would rather cuddle up with you on the sofa?
  2. When you have identified the dog, or even if you have not, look for places that have dogs or puppies. Many people rear puppies themselves and there are also many puppy farms. Personally i dislike these methods as they are sometimes cruelly treated. Look for people who you trust and see the puppies before you buy them. Ask for information concerning the parents of the puppies and see which puppy is the best for you.
  3. If you decide to adopt a dog or puppy from a rescue centre try to find out as much information they have about the dog or puppy. Find out what age it is or is there anything you need to know. Rescue dogs can be a pleasure to get as you know you are re-homing a dog that may not have a home anywhere else.
  4. If you are looking for a grown dog, look in pet shops on their notice board. Many pet owners post advertisements here. This is a great way of finding information too. When you have found an advertisement you like the look of, ring the number and see when you have a chance to see the dog. If it is not the dog for you, don't feel bad about saying no. There is no point taking the dog just for the sake of having a dog. Finding the right dog takes a lot of time and patience.
  5. Before you buy a dog or bring it home, ensure you have the essential items for a dog such as bowl, food, collar, lead, bed, brush and toys. You may have to buy these just before you bring your dog home, as some things may depend on size of dog.


  • Make sure you have area for the dog to roam around in even if it is only a small space. A dog needs exercise and somewhere where it can do its business. A place where they can be on their own for a while if they need it.
  • Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Dogs take a lot of hard work. They may seem cute and furry, but once you have one you will see how much time and energy they take. Most dogs need to be walked twice daily.
  • Make sure there is someone at home at all times. It is not fair to leave a dog on his own for long periods of time.
  • Make sure that everyone in your household has agreed to getting a dog. You may arrive home with a puppy to find your spouse sending you back to get a refund. Dogs are not items or toys. They are a living thing and need a stable and loving family.
  • Find a place where you and your dog will walk whether it be to the local park, a woodland area, or even the beach. Dogs don't mind where they go as long as the are with you (and have the occasional stick).


  • Dogs are hard work. Be aware of it. It's you who will look after them until they're old and grey.
  • Dogs need veterinary care. Veterinary care is quite expenses. There are animal welfare centres dotted across the place with veterinary facilities who can help needy owners.
  • Puppies chew everything.
  • Dogs are not toys. Children may want a dog but the novelty soon wears off on most children. It will be the parents who end up caring for the dog.
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