How to Crochet Popcorn Stitch

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17-05-2021, 23:40
If you want the texture of your next crochet project to really pop, make the popcorn stitch! Although this stitch might look complex, it's great for beginner crocheters since you only need to know how to double crochet. Work 5 double crochets into a single space and gather the ends. Use this fun stitch on your next sweater, blanket, or decorative piece.

Creating the Popcorn Stitch

  1. Make 5 double crochets into 1 stitch on the right side of your work. Decide where you'd like to make your first popcorn stitch and insert your crochet hook into the stitch. Create a double crochet (DC) stitch and put your hook back into the gap of the same stitch. Make 4 more (DC) stitches into the same stitch.
    • It's important to work the popcorn stitch on the right side of your work since the back of the popcorn stitch is smooth.
  2. Remove your hook and insert it into the first double crochet stitch. Pull up on the hook to loosen the last loop you made and take the hook out. Then, put the hook from front to back into the first double crochet stitch you made for this popcorn stitch.
    • Don't pull on the working yarn or you'll lose the loose loop.
    • If you want the popcorn to pop to the back of the work, insert your hook from back to front into the first double crochet stitch.
  3. Grab the loop and pull it through the existing loop on your hook. Catch the loose loop with your crochet hook and pull on the working yarn to tighten the loop on the hook. Then, pull the hook through the loop that's already on your hook.
    • You're essentially making a slip stitch to gather all of the double crochet stitches together.
  4. Chain 1 stitch and skip a stitch. To lock the popcorn stitch in place, wrap the yarn around your hook and pull it through the loop that's on your hook. Then, continue with your crochet pattern. If you're making more popcorn stitches, skip 1 stitch before working the next popcorn stitch.

Using the Popcorn Stitch

  1. Add popcorn stitches to blankets or afghans to create texture. You've probably seen granny square afghans that have rich texture because they're made with popcorn stitches. Crochet popcorn stitches along the edges of blankets if you want to give them a bumpy border or use popcorn stitches over the entire surface to make an even, raised surface.
    • Try alternating colors for the squares if you'd like a brightly colored blanket or afghan.
  2. Make scarves, shawls, or cardigans with popcorn texture. If you're tired of crocheting standard flat clothes or accessories, make them stand out with the popcorn stitch. For example, add a cluster of popcorn stitches on a cardigan or create a popcorn border on a scarf.
    • Popcorn stitches look really cute on cardigans or sweaters for babies.
    • Using the popcorn stitch all over gives your item a lacy look that's great for delicate shawls or wraps.
  3. Crochet the popcorn stitch to give pillows or crocheted flowers extra dimension. Give your next throw pillow extra character by making the popcorn stitch across the surface or edges. The popcorn stitch also makes a great detail for the center of crocheted flowers.
    • Consider attaching crocheted flowers to your pillows or blankets.
  4. Create heavy-duty scrubbies with the popcorn stitch. Crochet a simple square with a few alternating rows of the popcorn stitch to give it raised texture. This is great practice for the popcorn stitch and it gives the scrubby a great texture for washing up.
    • Make the scrubbies any size you like and use sturdy cotton yarn so it's easy to wash and dry.


  • If you're following a pattern that calls for popcorn stitch, follow the recommended stitch amount. For instance, your pattern might call for making fewer double crochet stitches in order to get a narrower popcorn.
  • The popcorn stitch is usually abbreviated as PC.
  • Popcorn stitches take a lot of yarn, so have extra on hand if you're making several popcorn stitches.
  • If you're crocheting in the round, don't skip a stitch between the popcorn stitches since they'll fan away on their own.

Things You'll Need

  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
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