How to Start a Battle in Mario Kart 7

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25-09-2016, 12:05
There are two battle games in Mario Kart 7. Here's how to start any of the two battle games.


  1. Select either Coin Runners or Balloon Battle.
  2. Select any of the seventeen playable characters.
  3. Get a kart to drive on for your battle.
  4. Find a battle arena to compete in. There are six arenas in this game.
  5. Tap OK and you're ready to battle once you have your arena.
  6. Just like in a standard race, understand that the countdown starts when the first red light on Lakitu's starting light goes off.
  7. When the light turns green, let the battle begin!


  • You can also set the difficulty of your opponents.
  • You can compete in two teams of four or by yourself before the first round of your battle. Try it out.
  • You can also enter first-person mode at anytime before and during the battle

Things You'll Need

  • Mario Kart 7
  • Nintendo 3DS
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