How to Download Stuff Without Your Parents Finding Out

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25-09-2016, 12:15
You might want to get something that your parents don't want you to have. If you can get past any filters they might have in place, try this to help with downloading files.


  1. Find an empty disk, CD, or USB drive. Put it into the disk drive.
  2. Download the program you want to use.
  3. Write all files that the program contains onto the disk drive.
  4. Use Google to find out how to make an invisible folder.
  5. Put the actual files (not the shortcuts that are on the disk) into the invisible folder.
  6. Hide the disk.
  7. Now when you put the disk back in the drive, you can use the program.


  • DO delete this page from your history, or your parents will look for that disk!
  • DO NOT hide the disk under beds.
  • DO make a secret password for your account.
  • DO buy an antivirus program.
  • DO NOT put the invisible folder on the desktop.
  • DO be aware of getting a virus.
  • If you are actually caught, say that it's a pop-up and you may be off the hook!
  • DO follow the steps in this article if your parent think you will give out personal info.
  • DO NOT get caught in the process.


  • Don't do anything illegal!
  • Make sure you can close windows very fast when you-know-who comes in!

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • An empty disk
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