How to Enjoy a Day in London, England

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25-09-2016, 12:20
London is England's capitol city. It brings in around 26 million tourists each year. If you live outside of London - or even England - you probably have never taken a real day trip down there. You might have driven through but never seen some of London's famous landmarks. Here's how to make the best of your journey.


  1. Plan how you'll get there.
    • If you live in England, getting to London is just a case of a drive. The amount of time the car journey will last depends of how far you live from the capitol. However, a train might be a better idea because you can walk around without parking up.
    • If you live in the UK but not in England, you might want to get a flight to London City Airport. As the name suggests, it's right in the capitol and you can start your trip right away.
    • If you live outside of the UK, London City Airport is probably still your best bet. You might want to fly to another airport and drive to London but it's best to land right there if you're not familiar with England.
  2. Know what time you'll arrive. Being crystal clear on when you'll be arriving in London is crucial. You don't want to touch down at midnight and then wonder why all the shops are closed. Also, you don't want to book for an event (like a movie) and then miss it because you arrived late. Be clear on what time your plane lands and how that translates to British time. If you're driving or taking a train, be clear on how long your journey will take and plan accordingly.
  3. Know how you're getting back. Worrying about how you're going to be getting home will definitely prevent you from making the most of your journey. If you'll be flying to the capitol, you might want to stay the night in a hotel and take an early morning flight back to your country. If you've driven to London, you should know how long it takes you to get there. The time taken to get back home should be around the same. If you've taken a train, know when a train is coming to pick you up and don't miss it.

The visit

  1. Change up some money. Most shops in London will only accept British Pounds Sterling as a currency. If you've got all of your money in CAD (Canadian Dollars), you will not be able to buy much. Instead of looking for someone on the street to change up your money, take it to a well trusted bank. London has quite a few. Other alternatives include taking your money to a post office or change it up at the airport.
  2. See some landmarks. London is full of famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace (where the queen lives), the London eye, Big Ben (London's clock tower) and Tower Bridge. All of these landmarks have a history and it might be worth researching them. If you're not scared, feel free to take a ride on the London eye. When you're at the top, you'll have a bird's eye view of the capitol.
  3. Enjoy some British food. London, being and English city, will have loads of English food for offer. English food generally includes pork, beef, lamb, chicken or fish served with vegetables and potatoes. If you're not really into meat, you can also bite into a sandwich, Cornish pasty or fish and chips. All of these food will be for offer. If you're unsure about anything because you've never tried it before, feel free to bring your own food. Trying British food is definitely a bonus though, and you can show off to everyone back home!
  4. Take a tour. You might see some red buses in London with open roofs. Some of these are tour buses. It should be pretty obvious to spot one, they usually have "tour bus" written somewhere on them or they have a tour guide. If you don't feel like wandering around hopelessly, book a ride on one of these buses. They will take you all around the capitol and give you some information on all of the landmarks.
  5. Feel free to wander. Along with all the planned routes and landmark visits, you are allowed to wander off track a little. If you're not sure what they sell in that shop, go in there and have a look. If you don't know where this road leads too, take a peek or read the signs. Ask someone where you're not allowed to go if you're unsure. Mind that you don't get lost when you're taking backstreets and always try to stick to busy roads. More people around means more to help you out.


  • London is big city so it's a good idea to keep a map on you.
  • If there's a police officer that doesn't look busy, ask them for directions. They know the city better than anyone.
  • Bring some friends along with you.


  • Pickpockets and thieves target places like London. Always watch your belongings.
  • Some post offices will only change up loose coins, not notes.

Things You'll Need

  • Money
  • A map
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