How to Feel Loved

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28-05-2021, 06:00
Feeling unloved? It can be a raw, hollow feeling to think that nobody loves you in life. However, you may not know how much you are actually loved because of miscommunication or misunderstanding. A lot of the time, we feel unloved because we've shut ourselves away from the ability to feel loved. You can open yourself up to those feelings again and encourage the people you love to open up their hearts; just get started with Step 1 below!

Loving Yourself

  1. Build your self esteem. A lot of the time, people can love us with all their hearts and we will still feel unloved. Usually, this is because we have a hard time believing that someone else could love us because we can't love ourselves. If you feel unloved by others, the best place to start is to learn to love yourself first. Build your opinion of yourself by celebrating your positives and embracing your negatives. Stop holding yourself to an ideal of perfection and realize that you are fine just the way you are.
  2. Build your self confidence. Self confidence is an extremely attractive quality in a person. When people see that you think you can take on the world and win, they begin to believe it too (and they love it!). Build your self confidence by taking on challenges in your life, speaking up for yourself, and doing things that make you proud of who you are.
  3. Get help if you need it. Sometimes, our brains get sick. They don't work quite right and they need a little help feeling better again. If you think that maybe your problems are too big for you to handle, please get help. Like taking medicine for a cold, it's important to take care of your body by getting the professional help of a doctor. We here at wikiHow love each and every one of you and we want you to be happy. You do what you have to do to make that happen!

Evaluating Love

  1. Understand what love looks like. Make sure you know what love really looks like. Sometimes, really horrible people in our lives will convince us that love looks different than it actually does. Don't let them get you confused: love should never hurt, love shouldn't feel one-sided, and love shouldn't feel conditional.
  2. Look at how they act. Look at how the person or people that you love act. Do they say mean things to you? Do they physically hurt you? Do they blow you off when you really need them? Do they ignore you when you tell them how you feel? These are bad signs. If, however, they maybe don't say it but they do show it by being there for you, trying to avid hurting you, and never giving you reason to think they think less of you, they probably love you but are just bad at showing it.
  3. Look at how you act. Are you carrying all the weight in a friendship or relationship? Do you do way more for them than they do for you? Do you shower them in kindness and you're just met with empty thank yous and no reciprocation? These are bad signs. If, however, you feel like you get out as much as you put in, things are probably okay.
  4. Leave dead weights behind. If someone hurts you (physically or emotionally), or even if they're just more work than they're worth, don't keep them in your life. You don't need that. Leave them behind and get back out there. Find the friends and relationships that are fulfilling for you because you deserve it!

Finding Love

  1. Be open about your feelings. This is hard, but this is the best way to stop the feeling of being unloved. Tell the people in your life that you love how you feel. Tell them that you're having problems. And when they say that they love you, take them at their word. Give them the opportunity to show it. Stop shutting them down or second-guessing their feelings. They probably do really love you.
  2. Opening yourself to new love. You might not feel loved if you have a very specific idea of what love looks like or where it comes from. Take a look at how you define love and think about maybe redefining it. Love doesn't have to come from a romantic relationship, and it doesn't have to include expensive gifts, cards on birthdays, or meeting some list of required qualities.
  3. Volunteer. A great way to help yourself feel loved is to give back to your community. Volunteering in your local area, anywhere from hospices to soup kitchens, can help you and your community a lot. People will appreciate all you do to help them and you'll find the love you're looking for while making an incredibly positive impact.
    • There are also organizations like Big Brothers, Big Sisters, if you want to help a child who also needs to feel loved.
  4. Get a pet. A dog or cat is a great way to feel loved. Our pets love us and rely on us a lot. You can have a wonderful impact on an animal by taking in a rescue animal or even volunteering at a foster home. Especially if your area is low on no-kill shelters, this can be a really wonderful thing to do.
  5. Find people like you. Finding a community of people that are just like you can be a wonderful way to feel loved. The internet has made that much easier than it used to be. Fan communities are an easy way to start making friends online. You can also make some new friends in real life too. Try taking a class in a subject that interests you from your local community center.
  6. Join a church. Another option to help yourself feel loved is to join or get more involved in a church or other local religious group. Find one that shares your values and start attending regularly. You can even join a study group to help develop even closer relationships with your fellow parishioners.
  7. Date someone new. If you really think a romantic relationship is what's best for you, you can try dating someone new if you're ready (emotionally) to be with another person. Just remember: you should never enter a relationship expecting that the other person will make all of your problems go away or think that you can't be happy unless you're in a relationship. These are not healthy ideas. If, however, you're ready for the hurdles of being with someone else, you can get a boyfriend or get a girlfriend.


  • Remember the birthdays of all the people you care deeply about, and send them a gift or at least an e-card on their birthdays.
  • Always express appreciation when someone has done something nice for you.
  • When you complain about something related to a loved one, make sure the person knows you are not blaming him/her.
  • Smile and show discreet, welcoming body language.


  • Get help if you find yourself feeling seriously depressed.
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