How to Use Sandwich Bags Around the House

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20-10-2016, 02:40
Plastic sandwich bags can be used for so much more than snacks!


  1. Here are some awesome ways to use a sandwich bag:
    • Ice Pack- fill with ice cubes for a quick cold compress. You could even fill it with frozen peas or pour 1 cup of water into a zipper top plastic bag and freeze it.
    • Plastic Gloves- Put a plastic bag on each hand(preferably the non-zipper kind) and secure at the wrist with a rubber band. This works well if you are doing at home hair color and dump out the gloves by accident or if you are working with raw meat.
    • Fun Storage- use tacks to secure the two ends of a strong string(like butcher's twine)to a wall. Open up a few sandwich bags and clip them to the string with clothespins. The bags should be like pockets, and you can fill them with lightweight items like paperclips, hair elastics, buttons, cotton swabs etc.
    • Games and study materials- Fill zipper top sandwich bags with small game pieces, dice, puzzles, clay, crayons, markers, playing cards etc. Organize school flashcards and recipe cards in the little baggies for easy storage. Permanent marker is great to label the bags by subject.
    • Toiletries and more- organize your cosmetics, medicines, and personal items in sandwich bags. The bags come in handy for travel and when you do not have many pockets or compartments in a handbag or tote.
    • Electronics- cameras, cell phones and mp3 players stay safe from dust, water, dirt, and sand while zipped inside of sandwich bags. A great idea for the beach or pool!
    • Make shift wallet- Your money will be safe and sound in a zipper sandwich bag!
    • Window light catchers- Lightly paint the inside of a zipper sandwich bag with paint or nail polish. You can use one color in one bag or swirl a few paint colors into the bag. Tape the bags on a window that gets a lot of sunlight and watch the colors shine! You can even overlap the bags or decorate for the holidays!


  • Purchase quality sandwich bags with zippers. Brand-name bags are usually the best kind to use because they won't break easily and seal well.
  • You can almost always reuse a plastic sandwich bag! Unless they touched raw meat or have messiness on them(melted chocolate, oil, sunblock etc.) the bags are fine to use again with non-food items).
  • Be creative: Sandwich bags can be uses in many ways. Whether practical or just for fun, the use of one is up to you and your imagination!


  • Don't leave a goldfish in a sandwich bag. It is not a suitable home for the creature.
  • Don't let unsupervised kids under the age of four use the sandwich bags. They may suffocate themselves by accident.
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