How to Have a School on Fantage

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24-09-2016, 00:20
Have you seen people making their own schools on Fantage? Wanna have one of your own? Then here's how!


  1. Buy lots of tables and chairs with stars and put them in your home. If you have a two story home, you can either place them on the top or bottom floor.
  2. Add stuff like lockers and maybe a lunchroom (if you have a two story house).
  3. Go advertise Downtown or Uptown for you school (make sure it is open for everyone!) If you don't wanna be a teacher add "TEACHER NEEDED" when advertising.
  4. Once you have advertised a bunch of times go back to your house and see how many people are there.
  5. Have fun with your school!


  • If you want a unique class try not to use the same story line (new girl, mean pop etc.
  • If people get too rude or mean, then just tell everyone else to add you kick them out of your house.
  • Sometimes people will have diaries/journals full of deep dark secrets like crushes and and sleeping with a teddy still. Bullies will sometimes take the journals/diary, read them and then burn it or throw it away, or worse, read the journal/diary out loud to EVERYONE!
  • There are different types of students in a school on Fantage, here is a list of different types of students that may be in your school (Please note that there are not many different types of students on Fantage, try to be different and stand out from the crowd of once!): Normal kids; They are your regular everyday school students on Fantage. Cheerleaders; they are girls who are sporty, have cheerleading tryouts after class, and try get pd's by acting cute. Jocks; almost same thing as cheerleaders except this is for boys and they do football and act cool. Random kids; They are random people who like to misbehave in class and throw stuff at the teacher and pretend to get detention a lot. They are funny at times and can be some trouble. Popular kids; They are mostly girls (sometimes boys)who think they are all that, are DESPERATE for a pd, and make fun of other kids who don't have as cute of clothes of them (though some are nice). Nerds or unpopular kids; they like to study a lot, get A's on almost all of there tests, and listen to the teacher. They are made fun of a lot and sometimes have crushes. Bullies; They are mean kids who like to be mean to everyone, but mostly pick on nerds by taking their lunch money, giving them wedgies, making them do their homework for them, and etc.


  • Sometimes mean members will have "member only schools" don't be like that! It's rude, annoying, and shallow; and it's hurtful to nonmembers, just think, you were and non once, just think about how it felt to be kicked out of every party and be in their shoes for once. At least once.
  • Don't advertise for your school at other people's schools, you are being mean to the person who worked hard on the school.
  • if someone curses, refers to sex, alcohol or drugs report them RIGHT away and tell everyone to report that person(s)
  • Don't get too rude or bossy with your school or everyone might just leave.
  • If you are a bully, don't get too violent or you will get reported and possibly banned. That makes you have less chance to become a reporter.
  • Some cheerleaders may fight over who's cheer captain. Watch out for such cheerleaders.

Things You'll Need

  • A Fantage account
  • Membership (optional)
  • Lots of stars
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