How to Make a Rubber Band Star

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11-06-2021, 01:10
Making a star out of a rubber band is a simple trick that you can use to impress your friends! All you need is a sturdy rubber band a little bit of patience. Once you get a single star down, try making a star within a star to up the ante a bit.

Creating a Single Star

  1. Place a sturdy rubber band over your left thumb and index finger. Put the rubber band near the end of your fingers and stretch your fingers out slightly so the rubber band stays taut. Turn your hand so that your palm is facing you.
    • Choose a rubber band that's not too wide, as wide rubber bands are more difficult to stretch. Also, pick a slightly longer rubber band than normal. There's not a set width and length, but if you're having trouble stretching it around your fingers, it probably won't work.
  2. Lift the band closest to you over the top band and pull the top band out. When holding your palm toward you, you'll see 2 bands. Push your right index finger underneath the first one and hook your finger over the second band, pulling it out. It should go underneath the first band and out toward your palm.
  3. Twist the loop over itself and hook it on your pinkie. Use your right hand to twist the band you just pulled out to the right over itself. It should make a little teardrop-shaped loop that you can hook over your pinkie.
    • You should now have a triangle shape stretched between your index finger, thumb, and pinkie. The rubber band should twist around each finger to make a teardrop-shaped loop, and the triangle should be on the inside edges of your fingers, not the outside.
  4. Reach into your thumb loop to grab the top band with your index finger. Insert your right index finger near the inside of your left thumb in the loop made by the rubber band, going down as you do. Go up through the middle triangle (with the thumb loop over your finger) to grab the band that's between your left index finger and your pinkie. Draw the band out the way you came in, through the thumb loop.
    • You should now have a square in the middle. Keep holding on to the loop you pulled out with your right index finger.
  5. Grab the right side of the band between your 2 index fingers. Insert your right middle finger up through the loop that's over your pinkie. Grab the band that's just to the left and pull it out below. Stretch out your fingers to make the final star!
    • Your right index finger and right middle finger will be holding on to 2 points of the star.

Moving to a Double Star

  1. Begin with a single star. To move to a double star, you need to be able to make the single star first. The double star is a continuation of the single star, so get your hands in position with your left index finger, left thumb, left pinkie, right index finger, and right middle finger each holding a point of the star.
    • You will need a long rubber band that's not too wide. You should easily be able to stretch it between 2 hands. However, it should be small enough to maintain tension over 3 fingers on one hand.
  2. Release your pinkie and your left thumb and stretch the triangle over them. Let the loops just pop over the edges of these fingers. As you do, you'll have a triangle shape with a loop over the right index finger and a loop over the middle index finger. Place the right index finger loop over your left thumb and the right middle finger loop over the left pinkie.
    • Pull your right fingers out of the loops.
  3. Grab the bottom of the loop near your index finger. Use your right index finger and middle finger and grab the band the runs directly in front of your left index finger. It's technically the bottom part of the loop going over the index finger. Insert your fingers in it from the top but with your finger pads pointing up.
  4. Pull the bottom loop down and twist it. The loop should end up below the other parts of the rubber band. Twist it over itself to the left, forming a new loop.
    • The loop should currently be over your right index finger and middle finger.
  5. Place your right fingers through the bottom loops. Put your right index finger through the inside of the loop that goes over your thumb. Place your right middle finger through the inside of the loop that goes over your pinkie, going from the top each time.
  6. Lift the loop off with your thumb. Grab the loop that you pulled down from the top with your right thumb and pull it over the ends of your fingers while keeping them in the loops of the star. Pull down on the 2 loops at the bottom, and you have a star within a star!



  • Make sure to choose a loose rubber band. If it breaks, it can pop off and hurt you.
  • If your fingers hurt, take a rest.
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