How to Dye Fabric With Tea

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20-10-2016, 17:30
Tea is a very easy and cheap way to dye, especially if you have brown stains on light coloured fabric. Give tea dying a try to create a colour different to any you can buy in a store


  1. Fill a kettle with water and turn on to boil the water.
  2. Fill a large container with enough boiling water to submerge your fabric and add at least 4 tea bags (more tea bags the darker the colour).
  3. Let tea bags steep till the water is the colour of your choice.
  4. Wet a sample of your fabric then put in the tea for a few minutes or until desired colour is achieved.
  5. Rinse fabric to remove excess tea. If desired colour isn't achieved you can put the fabric back in the water for few minutes then rinse.
  6. Let sample fabric dry.
  7. Repeat the steeping process as needed.
  8. Wring out the tea from the fabric and let dry.
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