How to Fold a Scarf

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13-06-2021, 18:30
When the first nippy days of autumn roll around, you may find yourself digging your trusty scarf out of its storage bin. When you take your scarf off, don't just toss it on top of your dirty clothes pile — instead, fold it! With a few basic folds and ties, it's easy to keep your favorite scarves wrinkle-free and even show them off when you're not wearing them. Note: This article is for folding scarves for decorative/storage purposes. For information on interesting ways to wear your scarf, see our article on the subject.

Making a Basic Storage Fold

  1. Spread the scarf on a flat surface. Take your scarf off and lay it down on your work area. Pull the edges until the scarf is completely flat against the surface underneath it.
  2. Fold the scarf over on itself. Grab the narrow edge of the scarf at one end. Fold this end of the scarf up and over until it's lined up with the other end. Straighten the edges of the fabric so that they are lined up.
    • To be clear, you want to make a "hamburger fold," not a "hotdog fold." You should be making the scarf shorter, not skinnier.
  3. Fold again the same way. Grab the folded end of the scarf. Fold it over the top of the scarf until it's even with the "open" end of the scarf just like you did in the last step.
  4. Fold in the same way one more time. Take the folded edge and fold it over the top of the scarf once again. Straighten the edges so that they're properly aligned. When you're done, the scarf should look a little like a small half sheet of paper.
  5. Store your scarf. That's it! Your scarf is now ready to store in a closet, cabinet, pocket, or wherever else you may need to stash it. This simple but handy fold should keep it clean and free from wrinkles until you're ready to wear it again.

Making a Department Store Display Fold

  1. Lay the scarf flat. Ever wondered how clothing stores get their scarves looking so good when they're on display? With this fold, you'll be able to show off your scarf like it's brand new. To start, lay your scarf completely flat, as above.
    • For this method, it's also important to straighten out any tassels at either end of the scarf (and to keep them straight throughout the fold) — this makes the fold look a little more professional when it's finished.
  2. Fold in half lengthwise. When your scarf is flat, grab one of the long edges and fold it over so that it's in line with the other edge. Your scarf should now look like one long, skinny strip. Try to keep any tassels straight and flat after your fold.
  3. Fold the scarf over on itself. Next, fold the scarf over itself so that both open edges are in line with each other. To be clear, this is a "hamburger" fold, not a "hotdog" fold — your scarf should get shorter, not skinnier.
  4. Repeat once or twice more in an "accordion" style. To finish, fold your scarf either back over on itself either once or twice more (depending on how compact you want the finished product to look. Reverse the direction of your fold each time so that the pattern of folds "accordions." When you're done, line the edges of your scarf up so that your tassels hang straight and free past the edge of the fold.
    • This fold style is handy because, in addition to making your scarf look elegant and attractive, the "accordion-ing" folds make it very easy to pick up and throw on in a hurry.

Making a Hanging Braid Fold

  1. Fold the scarf in half loosely. This fold, which looks a little like a hair braid, is a space-saving, visually appealing way to store scarves on an ordinary coat hanger. To start, all you need to do is fold the scarf in half. However, unlike above, you don't need to align the edges with each other — a loose fold will do, as long as there's about the same amount of material on either side of the fold.
  2. Slip the ring into the fold. With this fold, you'll either tie the scarf directly to your coat hanger or tie it to a metal or plastic ring and then hang this on your coat hanger. If you want to use a ring, grab one before beginning — specially-made "scarf rings" are sold at many fashion boutiques and specialty retailers online, but you can also use metal binder rings. Regardless of the ring you use, slip the scarf through it so that the ring sits at the folded part of the scarf before continuing.
    • If you're not using a ring, just slide your hanger between the two ends of the scarf and up to the fold. In this case, you may ignore references to rings in the rest of this method's instructions.
  3. Twist the scarf until fairly tight. Grabbing your loosely-folded scarf, twist each end in opposite directions. After a few twists, the scarf should be a little firm and "ropey." Continue twisting — you want the scarf to get quite tight.
    • Most scarves should be plenty resilient for this fold. However, if you notice your scarf begin to tear or strain under the stress of the twisting, stop and try a different fold — you don't want to ruin your scarf.
  4. Keep twisting. After it's gotten fairly tight, your scarf should begin to curl up on itself with each subsequent twist. Within a few more twists, the scarf should look like a long, knotty, braided lock of hair. The ring should be in the fold at the top of the twisted scarf — if it has slipped, just slide it back to the top.
  5. Tie the bottom ends together. Finish by taking the two ends of the scarf and tying them to each other in a basic knot. This should keep the tension in the "braid," ensuring that it stays twisted. Congratulations — you should now have a fairly compact scarf "braid" with a convenient hanging ring that should be a cinch to slide onto a coat hanger along with as many other scarves as you wish.

Making a Knotted Mannequin Fold

  1. Drape the scarf around the mannequin's shoulders. Like other clothes, scarves are often displayed on mannequins in stores. If you have a mannequin (or a similar round display mount), you can make it "wear" your scarf with this easy fold. Start by laying the scarf over the mannequin's shoulders (or around the back of your mount) so that it hangs down on either side.
    • Note that this style also works for yourself — these instructions may be for displaying the scarf on a mannequin, but you can wear it by simply replicating them.
  2. Bring the right side over the left. The scarf should now be hanging down roughly evenly on either side of your mannequin. Grab the end of the scarf on the right and pull it over the end on the left. The scarves should be making an "X" pattern.
  3. Bring the end of the scarf under and over the top of the loop. Next, take the right end of the scarf that you moved in the last step. Tuck it up and under the left end. Let the slack fall over the top of the loop you've just made. You should now have a very loose "knot" or tie roughly in the center of the mannequin's chest.
  4. Tighten the "knot" as you wish. At this point, you may pull on either end of the scarf to tighten the central "knot." As you do this, for a symmetrical presentation, try to keep both loose ends of the scarf roughly level.


  • Pet lovers beware — if you have a dog or cat, don't do these folds near it. Pets love to nip, scratch, and bite at the ends of a scarf while you're trying to fold it.
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