How to Make Rosemary Castile Shampoo

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18-06-2021, 21:30
Castile soap is a generic name given to soap originating from vegetable oil sources (as opposed to the traditional tallow fat). The most common and traditional source of oil used for Castile soap is olive oil but other oils are gaining in popularity, such as jojoba oil. Castile soap is gentle to the skin and scalp. It can be purchased in health food stores or Provence-inspired import stores and some brands carry several different scented versions. Rosemary is known for its health-promoting properties for hair.


  1. Assemble ingredients.
  2. Add the essential oil drops to the Castile soap.
  3. Mix well by shaking in the bottle with the lid on.
  4. Allow to stand for 2 days. Turn the bottle and leave up the other way at least once a day to assist with dispersion of the rosemary essential oil throughout the soap.
  5. Now it's ready to use. Give it a good shake each time you use it.


  • If you have hard water, your hair might feel waxy and oily after using this.
  • You can vary the recipe by adding different essential oils.However, you will need to be a little knowledgeable as to the strength of each essential oil to know how many drops to use.If in doubt, ask your herbalist or health food store assistant.
  • Lavender essential oil is one suggested substitution - about 20 drops is appropriate. You could even mix the two if desired (keeping the same level of drops).
  • Your hair should feel glossy and clean after using this shampoo.


  • Wear gloves if you have sensitive skin, to avoid any complications should you spill the rosemary oil when transferring it from the oil bottle to the shampoo bottle.
  • Do not pour oil near vulnerable surfaces such as wood; it will stain if there are any drips.
  • Always be careful handling essential oils.When used according to instructions, they are safe but when misused or overused they can be toxic.Ask your supplier for more information if you aren't sure; or check online herbal sites.

Things You'll Need

  • 10 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 1 cup distilled water
  • 3/4 cup liquid Castile soap (unscented)
  • Shampoo bottle (you can re-use one that is finished or buy a special one)
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