How to Recognize Church Leaders Who Deny the Power of Christ

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20-10-2016, 23:55
Are there people who are "unbelievers," and may be of various philosophies who "call themselves Christians" but do not believe in the actual existence of God or the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yes! Realize that a believer will be much less likely to wander from traditional, true Christianity and the Gospel. Jesus said, "You must be born again." That includes being baptized, "He that believes and is baptised shall be saved, and he that disbelieves shall be condemned." (Mark 16:16) You must believe and have faith in Jesus Christ; be sure to receive the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised to believers as guide and comforter. Some people may call themselves Christian because they like the teachings of Jesus who was called Christ, but they may not believe in the power of God as true, and probably deny the redemptive power of the blood of Jesus Christ. Beware of those leaders who contradict the true Gospel. Such persons should be recognized as lacking vital qualifications and should not be trusted as leaders among believers...


  1. Guard against following a church leader who may just take the label of Christian, and even become a preacher or priest as a way to organize their thinking and to be socially active. The Gospel is not some interpretations of modern thought formed to fit some ones opinions about the truth, without really believing the essence of it.
    • This does not imply that any one certain denomination or church is more desirable or more needed, but be sure that they teach the truth without avoiding some important, biblical doctrines, ignoring or denying them.
    • They may believe that it is good to present the teachings of Christ as ideals (goals) and present in the fatherhood of God or the brotherhood of believers with Christ as nice axioms and patterns for conduct, but do not believe that God is real...
  2. Decide for yourself about your church leaders teaching the Biblical Gospel truth, as you yourself are accountable whether or not you are honestly taught and are learning that Gospel, and the power of Christ. Of course, this requires that you are able to decide as:
    • the individual parent being responsible for your children,
    • or that you have attained the age of responsibility for your own conduct, to and for the Gospel.
  3. Observe possibly skilled church leaders who may not be called to the ministry as they may or may not be believers in the power of God. It matters little if they may be virtually untrained and may be natural leaders, or trained teachers, counselors or psychologists; none that is crucial.
  4. See whether they believe and teach the Bible, but if they do not teach the Bible then that is a severe problem for the faith because they are disingenuous (not persuaded of the Truth of the Gospel).
    • Do not be surprised if Satan may appear in the guise of an "angel of light",(2 Corinthians 11:14) to mislead/lead believers and unbelievers, an impostor (assumes an identity or title for the purpose of deception) with bright ideas that come from misunderstanding or twisting the Bible and teaching a new gospel.
    • The more skilled they are in training or leadership skills--then the more easily they may just adapt the teachings of the church to be a livelihood, as an occupation, much like teaching or being a helper type without depth of profound belief...

Watch for characteristics of people who deny the power of Christ

  1. Notice any leaders whose teachings differ from the Bible. The Bible says from such ones turn away. So are you aware that some are nominal "Christians" (in name only; it is good, but is not Truth to them).
    • Such people may not be Christians in the sense of believing in salvation and then do not believe in the "Death and Resurrection of the Jesus" for example.
    • One idea is to see whether they believe in being "born again as Christians." That is biblical. Jesus said, "You must be born again." That is meaning that God gives you a new understanding and a new life as part of the Gospel.
    • The Bible describes persons who oppose the teachings of the Gospel, as presenting a different Gospel, and the Bible says if they change the Gospel to a lie, then let them be accursed. You don't curse them.
  2. Leave them and find believers with whom to agree for church meetings, and prayer, etc. A church does not need to be large. Jesus said, "Where two or three gather in my name and agree [in good faith--on the Gospel of the Bible] then there I will be in their midst."
  3. Read the scriptures that say that such people will get worse and worse deceiving and being deceived themselves possibly by modern ways (not following the Gospel of the Bible) and by Satan. The works of Satan include confusion. Avoid arguments that you can not win at the unsatisfactory church, but find a biblical teaching church.
  4. Study about rebellion against God, denying Jesus and the Bible. Rebellion against the Truth of the Gospel as found in the Bible is described in the Bible as a form of "witchcraft." They may use tricks of persuasion, or seemingly special understandings of ideas, to lead people into something other than the Gospel of the Bible. That is rebellion in this sense.
    • The communal style of life was not practiced in the cities of the early Christian world other than Jerusalem where they decided to stay together to support each other, and to be safe. The early Christians in Jerusalem banded together and had all things in common. The other cities of the Christian world kept a more regular form of existence and met publicly or in secret if necessary...
    • Some people use the Jerusalem church as a reason and example to preach and establish "Christian" communes, and they may end by forming some off-branch or off-shoot off Christianity or a messianic kind of leadership within a cult. Why -- because such leaders don't integrate traditional Christianity with their socialism.
    • Read about or remember the Jim Jones cult lead by a "rebellious" preacher who went so far as to leave the USA to lead his cult. They adopted a communal way of life in which he could and did control their welfare and retirement income. He regulated children, husband and wives. He did not conserve and keep the Gospel simple.
  5. Beware of unbelievers who adopt Christianity seemingly to form a special group or a following as described in the Bible by the writer of the Book of Acts as "wolves" coming into the church and deceiving members as explained in the Bible:
    • ...after my departing evil "wolves" [seeking sheep] shall enter in among you, not sparing the flock [deceiving members of the church]. Also of yourselves [in the church] shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples...(Acts 20:28-30).
  6. Decide whether some perverse teachings may be taught by wolves "in sheep's clothing" or from among your members -- three examples of perverse things: while Biblically and even secularly in modern times (until recently) marriage is only between one-man with just one-woman" and the immediate family was "that man and that woman and their children, of course a divorced person , widow or widower still has a family if she or he has children. Until recently babies in the womb were known as just that: babies... But church leaders who do not keep traditional family sacred include those e.g.:
    • redefining the family and in a sense using it as a convenience for promoting their nontraditional interpretations and
    • redefining the traditional marriage from that which has been recognized for thousands of years, plus
    • advocating destroying the unborn child as a form of birth control called a woman's right of choice or abortion (killing unborn babies in the womb or even halfway birthed, called partial birth abortion) which may be "liberal court ordered law, so that they legalize terminating the life of the unborn."(Roe v. Wade)
  7. See whether they are teaching the most important points of the Gospel of Salvation which are summarized as salvation is " Jesus Christ: by faith, through grace, not of works, so that no one may boast,... yet you are foreordained by the Father in Heaven to do good works. (Hebrews 2:8-10) Also we are instructed to be baptized which is celebration and a symbol of death and your rebirth in Christ, and Christ in you.


  • Be clothed in the whole armor and the whole fabric of the gospel, not just a few scriptures taken out of the fabric of the Bible. One thread does not make a garment.
  • Try to find a church that does follow the Gospel of the Bible, and no extra added non-biblical features; just follow the truth of the Bible and traditional understandings of what is the Gospel.
    • Some leaders turn away from the truth, and even may have been saved but become "reprobate Christians" which are not following what they once professed to believe.
  • Leaders in church who deny the power of Christ are in a form of rebellion against the truth and the Gospel and may be found in the form of a church leader who seems to be a cultic leader who is still preaching in a mainstream church. Such a preacher wants people to follow him and his ideas rather than the traditional Biblical teachings of the Gospel that should guide the Christian.


  • They may be in or out of churches. They may use church to give them a form of Godliness but deny the power thereof. They might be known hypocrites if people recognized them:
    • This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come... Evil men and seducers (impostors) shall become worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived (II Timothy 3:1, 13)
  • Whether or not Christians, some errant leaders may be a good indication that perilous times are here such as when leaders favor what may be described as perverse morals , perverse theologians, and evil Judges who uphold immoral laws and change good laws by legislating from the judicial bench.
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