How to Make Money Fast in Animal Crossing: City Folk

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20-06-2021, 19:30
Many people own Animal Crossing: City Folk. It's a fun and addictive game to play. The main idea is to make Bells (money) and have fun. So, if you really want to buy something expensive on Animal Crossing, how do you make enough money to buy it in that day? Or if you need to pay off your mortgage and still have 100,000 bells left? Read this guide and in a short amount of time, you will be rich.

Using time wisely

  1. Pick your time. Do you have thirty minutes? Ten minutes? An hour? Set your amount of time and divide it up. For this method, let's say that you have 100 minutes. Just divide the times according to what your actual time is; the following steps indicate a good use of the 100 minutes.
  2. Check your mail. If you receive any presents or bells, add them to your inventory right away. Sell any items you get in the mail. If you get a fruit that is not native to your town in the mail, make sure to plant it somewhere near your house as soon as you get it.
  3. Spend 15 minutes talking to every person in your town at least three times. Sell every item you get and keep the profit.
  4. Spend the next 2 minutes checking the lost and found and the recycle bin for items. If you get any, sell them immediately and keep the money.
  5. For the next 5 minutes, go around your town digging up stars on the ground. Get any fossils appraised by Blathers and sell them for cash.
  6. Spend 3 minutes collecting all of the shells on the beach. Sell them. If you find any coconuts, plant them near the beach. It can be as far as 12 spaces away from the beach. Running over your sapling won't make it die.
  7. Spend 26 more minutes fishing along the ocean. Sell all the fish you catch.
  8. The next 18 minutes should be used for fishing in the rivers, waterfall(s), and little ponds. Sell the fish you catch.
  9. For 3 minutes, check the beach again for shells. Sell all of the shells you collect.
  10. For 10 minutes, shake fruit, regular and pine trees for money. Sell any items you get, and if you get money, add it to your inventory. If you get stung by a bee, don't heal it with medicine, as the next time you go on, it will be gone.
  11. Like you did near the beginning, talk to everyone in your town for another 15 minutes and sell any items they give you.
  12. For the remaining 3 minutes, scout the sky for any floating presents, if you see one, be patient and wait for it to come your way. go to the top of your town and shoot it when it is just about above you.


  1. Change your time/ date to March 31st 2013 and enter your game.
    • Talk to skipper and find some eggs.
    • Open them and go to skipper to get furniture.
    • If you sell 1-5 pieces, you will get about 60,000 to 70,000 bells.
    • Repeat this process and you will get rich.
  2. Sell rather than give. If someone wants to have something from you, see if you can get them to buy it instead. If they don't want to, don't bother giving it to them; someone else interested will come along.
  3. Change the date on your device back to a flea market day. Get some cheap bargains and see if you can get a profit on it. If you can't sell it at the flea market, sell it at Nooks, but the main goal is to pay off your rent first so try to pay off at least maybe a day otherwise you will be there forever paying it off 5,000.

Special events

  1. Try to get lots of Bells on a special event day. A fishing tourney, a holiday,a flea market or even a day when a someone special enters the town (like the person who takes old carpets named Sahara). You may get something you can sell.
  2. There is also one "money rock" each day. Spend a little time hitting each rock in your town, until you find one that money comes out of. Keep hitting that rock until money doesn't come out anymore.
    • When hitting "money rocks", make sure that you hit the rock on each of the user accounts, because there is a rock for each person. As many as 8,100 bells come out if you hit the rock as fast as you can.


  1. Put your money in the bank. This way you receive interest.
    • Try to restrain yourself. It is suggested that you only get your hair done once a week, and get your shoes shined twice a week max, and only get a new emotion every two weeks.
  2. Change the date to 2000. Place at least 90,000 in your bank deposit. Then save and quit. Change the date to 2035, and you'll get 99,000 in interest. You'll have to do it once or twice to get it to work. The interest is 0.5% at the start of a new month, so the amount of bells you would get from it are minimal unless you time-travel like this.

Plants and insects

  1. Dig up all your weeds then plant loads of flowers because that attracts insects. Catch all the insects then finally get all the shells from the beach and sell them and keep on repeating this and you will earn up to 10,000 bells.
  2. If you have coconuts In your town, set the time to sometime between 4-6 pm. Check them and back and forth; sometimes there's a rare bug.
    • Go bug hunting at night. (8pm-4am). Coconut trees often house the rarest bugs.

Foreign fruit

  1. Buy a ton of stationery at Nook's. Also get a ton of seashells or other stuff that's common.
  2. Write a letter to every person in town. Write "How are you?", using perfect spelling and grammar. It is important that you send the letter with a fruit or seashell attached, otherwise you will rarely get presents back from your villagers. Also, only write one line, as other length (2, 3,4) will get you wallpapers and rugs.
  3. Wait a few days. Or, set the time forward a few days.
  4. You will receive letters in your mailbox with gifts attached. Open all of the presents. If you get any fruit that does not normally grow on trees, bury it. It will grow into a tree that produces the fruit you buried.
  5. Make sure your fruit is buried without anything in the immediate spaces around it, including signs, dropped items, and other saplings
  6. Once you have a ton of the "foreign fruit" you can sell them to Nook for 500 bells each.

Beetles and bugs

  1. Be sure to have coconut trees. They are needed for this method.
  2. Set the date and time to August 9:00. Go to your town.
  3. Get out your net. Go down to the beach.
  4. Walk up and down the beach carefully looking on the coconut trees for beetles. When you see a beetle, walk up to it slowly and catch it in your net.
    • Note: make sure your trees are planted in a place you can reach any bugs easily.
  5. Sell all of the caught beetles to Tom Nook. One pocket full of palm beetles can get you over 100,000 Bells!


  • On the rock, dig holes behind you so you won't move away from it.
  • Be nice to everyone and they will like you and give you rather expensive items!
  • Save the city for dailyshopping sprees. You will want to buy something and most likely spend all your hard earned bells.
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