How to Clean up a Facebook Virus

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21-10-2016, 03:00
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Someone has been hacking accounts and sending this virus through various people across Facebook.


  1. Just to rule out the possibility of YOUR account being compromised, the easy/quick remedy is to simply change your Facebook password.
  2. If you've ever logged onto FB via cell, log back in and make SURE you've fully logged out. Don't assume that clicking the logout button does it. Wait for the confirmation screen, even if it takes a couple minutes. If you don't get the confirmation, you're still logged in and no one needs your password, just your email address, to log into your account.
  3. Changing your password should be enough to fix the problem. If you still get emails from people telling you they received the same kind of email, you might have a virus on your system that reads your Facebook even if you change it. Here are some things to try to clean your system. Please note that this will take about an hour or so to do. Do IN THIS ORDER.
  4. Empty your internet cache/history/temporary internet files folder, selecting all possible items to delete.
  5. Go to
  6. Click START under VIRUS PROTECTION. Allow all activex controls to be installed. Run scan. Could take up to 45 minutes. Copy/paste complete names of all virus files found and go in and manually delete them. Might involve restarts and/or safe mode login. Delete ALL of them, if any found.
  7. Go to and download CCleaner software, install and run the cleaner portion and the registry portion. If you have any security questions for online banking or whatever, make sure you know the answers BEFORE running this as chances are you will have to answer them again after the fact.
  8. Change FB password one more time after doing the first three steps if changing it the first time did not fix the problem.
  9. As a last resort, if all of this is done 100% and it still does not correct the problem, go back to the day you think the virus was first put on your system and do a system restore to one of the checkpoints BEFORE that date. Find a restore point somewhere about a week before today's date. In XP, it's found in Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore. On Vista, click the Start Button. Then, in the Start Search box, begin typing the word "system", and System Restore should appear in the search list.


  • Also, be sure to go to Settings>Apps and delete anything suspicious
  • Scan your cellphone/tablet/computer with an antivirus app, if you got the virus on that device
  • Do not click suspicious links
  • Install a Firewall


  • Be sure to backup system files & media, just in case something goes wrong
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