How to Make a Fun Hamster Tube Town

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21-10-2016, 03:15
Is your hamster getting a bit bored of its habitat? Try making a Hamster Tube Town! It is easy and you only need some simple things! You must have a critter trail.


  1. Get the large empty mouthwash container and make sure it is rinsed very well.You do not want your hamster to get sick, but be careful, your hamster might be too big to fit inside !
  2. Cut a hole anywhere on the container (with your knife/cutting tool) big enough for the toilet/wrapping paper tube to fit through. Keep the cut off piece.
  3. Insert the tube inside the hole and tape it to be secure.Tape the cut off piece at the end of the tube so the hamster won't escape(Instead you may also connect it to another mouthwash container or crittertrail).
  4. Add as many tubes as you like or until you can't fit anymore into the bottle but do not tape closed one.
  5. Connect the open one to your crittertrail(there are little knobs on the ends of the crittertrail that can be turned open) and tape on.
  6. Cut small holes on the container using the knife/cutting tool, they must be small enough for the hamster not to chew on but big enough for the hamster to breathe. Put 8 or more holes.
  7. Add stickers or other décor to your tube town or use the knife/cutting tool to cut windows on the tubes(make sure the hamsters can't escape) You can also place food in the container or let the hamster put food in.
  8. Let your hamster explore the habitat and let him/her leave or come as he/she pleases so he/she can get use to the habitat


  • If you have two hamsters or a really large one you can connect your tube town to another crittertrail or have another main mouthwash container.
  • Do not be alarmed if your hamster is chewing the tube. It helps their teeth but if he bites the windows large enough for him/her to escape replace the tube and place your hamster back.
  • You can add bedding in the main container if your hamster likes warm places to sleep.


  • A Crittertrail is a rather small cage and should ONLY be used for play. If you do decide to let them play in there, it's fine but let them out every 15-30 minutes, or else it'll get wet tail (or some other stress related disease) and (sometimes if the disease is deadly) die.
  • Make sure the bottle cap is on and securely for some hamsters can escape.
  • Make sure you taped everything securely so your hamster doesn't escape.

Things You'll Need

  • Large mouthwash container
  • Toilet/wrapping paper tubes (as many as you like or have)
  • Crittertrail
  • Knife/cutting tool
  • Stickers/décor (optional)
  • Roll of tape
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