How to Get Your Cat to Like You

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30-06-2021, 09:40
If your new cat is always hiding or acting aloof, don't worry. There are things you can do to get them to like (and even love) you. We’ve put together a handy list of things you can do to help make your cat like being around you and feel more comfortable in your home.

Establish a daily routine.

  1. Too much change can stress out your cat and make them feel anxious. Cats can be stressed out by things that you may not even notice. Changes in their environment and daily routine can make them feel anxious. As best as you can, try to stick to a consistent and stable schedule so your cat knows what to expect each day and feels more comfortable in your home. The more comfortable your cat feels, the more they’ll like living with you.
    • For instance, you could try to wake up and go to bed generally around the same times each day. Your cat notices the things you do. The more consistent you are, the more relaxed they’ll feel around you.

Play with your cat every day.

  1. Daily play sessions are a great way to bond with your cat. Get a variety of cat toys for your furry friend. Then, set aside time every day to play with your cat. Let them stalk, chase, pounce, and have some fun while the two of you bond!
    • Even just an old toilet paper roll or empty box will keep your cat entertained.

Show your cat some love when they approach you.

  1. Giving your cat attention when it wants it will help the two of you bond. Research indicates that cats like people who pay attention to them. Try to play a little bit with your cat every day. Anytime you see your cat, greet them and give them a little bit of love.
    • It could be just a little bit of acknowledgment. Even saying something like, “Hey Jack, what’s up buddy” as you’re walking through the room shows your cat that you see them and care about them.

Pet your cat in their favorite spots.

  1. Most cats enjoy being petted in certain places. Try petting your cat on their back, around their neck, and behind their ears. A lot of cats don't like their belly being pet, but every cat is different! Pay attention to how your cat reacts when you pet them in different areas and pet them where they like it the most.
    • If your cat isn’t into being petted, don’t force the issue. Respect your cat’s wishes and their space if you want them to like you. They may warm up and enjoy being petted eventually.

Give your cat a safe place to hide.

  1. Your cat will feel more comfortable around you if it has its own private space. If your cat finds or sets up an area they like to use to hide and relax by themselves, give them their space. It could be an extra bed, an old box, a shelf, or under the sofa. Allow them to get the alone time they need and they’ll come find you when they want some love and attention.
    • Allowing your cat to have their own space can make them feel more comfortable and secure in your home.

Keep your cat’s litter box clean.

  1. A dirty litter box will stress out your cat. Cats tend to be neat freaks. A dirty litter box can stress them out and make them feel uncomfortable in your home, which may make them like you less. Try to empty out the litter box at least once a day and rinse it out completely with baking soda or unscented soap once a week so your cat has a sanitary and welcoming place to relieve themselves.
    • Additionally, most cats like their litter box located in quiet locations in your home so they feel safe when they use it.

Always keep your cat's food bowl full.

  1. Your cat will be much happier with you if it always has access to food. Sudden changes can stress your cat out. Wherever you choose to place your cat’s food bowl, keep it in that location so they always know where it is. Additionally, try to keep their food bowl full at all times so they know they can always get something to eat when they need it.
    • The more comfortable and secure your cat feels, the more they’ll like living with you.

Don't punish or yell at your cat.

  1. Punishing your cat will only make them like you less. It can be tempting to brush and shoo your cat off of your table or counter, but your cat doesn’t understand what they’re doing wrong. They’ll only see that you’re upset with them. Instead, try to lure them away or correct their behavior with a friendly voice or a special treat.
    • Raising your voice or pushing your cat away from something is scary for them and they may associate you with negative things.

Use sprays or diffusers that relieve stress in cats.

  1. Spray a synthetic pheromone that can help calm your cat down. Use products with pheromones that have been shown to help reduce stress in cats to help make your home environment more comfortable for your cat. Pick up some spray or a diffuser and follow the directions on the packaging to apply it properly.
    • Diffusers can be plugged into an outlet in your wall to release the pheromones continuously throughout the day.
    • Don’t spray your cat directly with the pheromone spray. Instead, spray areas where they frequent so they feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Plant cat grass in indoor pots.

  1. Your cat will thank you for having something to graze on. Cat grass is a special blend of wheat, barley, oats, rye, and other plants and is designed to be safe for your cat to snack on. Pick up some cat grass seeds and plant them in a pot full of potting soil. Keep the pot of grass in an easy-to-reach location for your cat so they can sniff and graze on it whenever they want, which can make them feel more relaxed and comfortable in your home.
    • Grass in your yard can be harmful to your cat’s digestive health. Cat grass on the other hand is great for them!
    • You can find cat grass seeds at your local pet supply store. You can also order them online.

Put on bird TV for your cat to watch.

  1. It’s a great way to keep your cat entertained even when you're not around. Bird TV is exactly what it sounds like! It’s videos of birds that your cat can watch. Buy bird TV DVDs or look up videos online and play them for your cat. Try placing the video in a comfortable place by a window. Your cat will get some quality enrichment and will absolutely love it.
    • Try looking up “bird TV for cats” on search engines or on platforms such as YouTube.

Don't use treats to buy your cat's love.

  1. Overfeeding your cat could lead to health problems. It may seem easy and effective to bribe your cat with treats so they’ll behave or come love on you. Try to use treats sparingly so you don’t accidentally overfeed your cat, which can cause problems for them in the future.
    • Cat treats should never make up more than 10% of your cat’s daily caloric intake. Stick to a max of about 1-2 treats a day.


  • Pay attention to the types of toys your cat likes to play with. For instance, if you notice they don’t really care for toys with feathers, get them other types of toys.


  • Some store-bought toys with strings can be dangerous if your cat is worn out or tired from playing. Pack them away when your cat is finished playing.
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