How to Make Peruvian Thread Earrings

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6-07-2021, 23:30
Here's how those amazing "String Art" or "Peruvian Thread" earrings are made. While they look stunning, the effort required to make them is quite simple!


  1. See "Things You'll Need" below and obtain the needed supplies.
  2. Cut two lengths of the heavier gauge wire equal to the desired circumference of the earrings plus one inch for fastening to the earring findings.
  3. Wrap the thinner gauge wire evenly around the heavier gauge wire, leaving equally spaced loops.
  4. Bend the wrapped, heavy gauge wire into a loop.
  5. Fasten the ends.
  6. Attach to your earring finding or hooks.
  7. Proceed with your string art pattern. Making the pattern is much like creating the old "Spirograph" pictures. The trick is to move the wrapped thread only one space over each time so as to create a solid thread background.
  8. Tie off each thread securely.
  9. Use a craft glue on the outer edge of the wire loop to secure the threads to the loop and prevent unraveling or loosening.
  10. Wear proudly and enjoy the compliments!
  11. Finished.


  • Ends of cut wire can be sharp enough to cut you. Use appropriate caution.

Things You'll Need

  • Two gauges of copper wire, one heavy, one thin
  • Earring findings (available in most crafts stores and in crafts dept of department stores)
  • Various colors of thread––polyester is best because it is not prone to disintegrating over time
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
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