How to Get Push Notifications for a Users Tweets on Twitter for Android App

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22-10-2016, 01:30
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Sometimes, just getting notifications of your own retweets and mentions just aren't enough on Twitter, to get a really good feel of the service. If you really enjoy reading someone else's tweets, and own an Android phone, try this article to get the tweets of another user.


  1. Power on and unlock your device. Enter your pin (if one is required.)
  2. Download and install the Twitter app for Android. Use the Google Play Store.
  3. Open the app.
  4. Login to your Twitter account.
  5. Prepare your device to receive the push notifications for these tweets from users.
    • Go to the Me tab.
    • Tap the Gears icon, tap settings.
    • Tap the username you'd like to edit the settings for.
    • Locate the option for Notifications, and tap it.
    • Tap the button for Tweets.
    • Tap the Tweets option button once again.
  6. Go back to find the user you'd like to view the tweets of on your device.
  7. Follow a User on Twitter.
  8. Find and tap the Person icon for the user you'd like to assign notifications for. The person icon should be located underneath the area for the total number of tweets the user has sent.
  9. Tap the Turn on Notifications button.
  10. Wait for the user to Tweet. You'll receive the tweet notification as a new line on your device as a now mobile notification item in Notification Center, either through a banner (as was set in Settings app) or through the single notification button.


  • You can also turn on new users tweet streams for push notifications, right from the Twitter PC web page.
  • Since the two devices work asynchronously to show notifications, you can set up one to setup notifications and not the other or you can set up both for notification. It is your choice.
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