How to Clean a Nintendo DS Screen Protector

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Screen protectors help the Nintendo DS screens from getting damaged, scratches, etc. Also, since the screen protector is taking most of the blow, they will need to be kept clean. This article will show you how to clean a screen protector while keeping its sticky side.


  1. Carefully remove your screen protector you want to clean. Thoroughly check your screen protectors for:
    • Finger marks/prints which can block vision of game play.
    • Gathered dirt/crumbs on the sticky part, which can affect touch screen game play.
  2. Mix soap and water in a bowl. Only use a small amount of soap in your mixture.
  3. Dip your cloth in the mixture and ring it thoroughly. If made too wet, you could damage your screen. Clean your screen protector in a circular motion until satisfied with the results.
  4. Dry your screen protector using a dry, lint-free cloth. Clean the rest of your Nintendo DS if necessary.
  5. Re-apply the screen protector onto the screen. Enjoy game play with your clean screen protector!


  • When holding the screen protector, hold it on its side to prevent finger marks.
  • Be sure to thoroughly dry the screen protector before re-applying.


  • If still wet, the screen protectors will not stick.
  • If left for too long, the screen protector will gather up more dust. Be sure to re-apply as quickly as you can.

Things You'll Need

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • 2 Cloths (for cleaning and drying)
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