How to Easily Clean a Garlic Press

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12-07-2021, 03:30
A garlic press is one of the most frustrating kitchen tools to clean when you are doing dishes, but it's made easy with a few steps to create the right tool for the job.

Garbage tie method

  1. Find an ordinary garbage tie.
  2. Trim off the plastic or paper off one end of the garbage tie, giving about an inch of wire.
  3. Poke through the holes of the garlic press, using this new tool, clearing the holes of any sticking garlic.
  4. Remember that usually the garlic drops out from the press after this has happened, but if not, run the press under warm water.
  5. Give the garlic press a little rinse, and you're done. Congratulations!

Potato method

  1. Use a knife to scrape off and out obvious garlic that is stuck on either side of the mincer. Do this over the sink, using running water if wished.
  2. Cut a small piece of potato. It must be small enough to fit inside the mincer, the same size as a garlic clove. If you're using potatoes in your cooking for the same meal, set aside a little piece from those potatoes.
  3. Push the potato through the mincer. It will come out easily through the other side and will bring with it the rest of the stuck garlic. Best of all it removes the odor of crushed garlic.
    • A small piece of bread can be substituted for the potato and will work just as effectively. It's a good use of discarded crusts!
  4. Wash in the dish washing water as usual. Allow to air dry; this is more effective than trying to towel dry it.


  • A toothpick or unfolded paper clip can work, too!
  • A toothbrush can work wonders on a garlic press!
  • If you find you have neither garbage tie nor paper clip to hand, try putting your lips around the open barrel of the press (i.e., with the holes at the other end) and blowing hard. This is sufficient with some presses, but much depends on the design and the degree of clogging. If you don't mind the burn of raw garlic on your lips, you can try blowing through the holes at the other end, too. (Always wash kitchen utensils thoroughly after they've been in contact with your mouth. Your mouth and saliva contain oodles of bacteria.)
  • Try poking garlic bits out with the tines of a fork or a pointed knife.
  • Use a knife to cut the pressed garlic off flush with the outside of the press. Then just wash the garlic fibers away by forcing water through the press from the outside in.


  • Don't cut yourself when trimming the garbage tie!

Things You'll Need

  • Potato (and knife to cut); or bread
  • Garlic mincer
  • Knife (butter knife is best)
  • Washing water
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