How to Fix a Diplomat Dishwasher when Two Red Lights Are On

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24-10-2016, 18:50
The two red lights are the ones to the far right. one has a symbol that looks like a sun, that is the rinse aid indicator, the other one looks like an "s" made with curvy arrows, and that one is the salt level. These red light prevent the dishwasher from completing a cycle.


  1. Buy (if you don't already have) a bottle of Rinse aid and a bag of "dishwasher salt", note that ordinary table salt, rock salt, sea salt are not the same and will likely do harm if used.
  2. Make sure the machine is off at the mains. Flip open the rinse aid lid, now this is next to where you stick your tablets. There is a dial 1-5 under this lid, 1-5 meaning the amount of rinse aid to use depending upon your water hardness/softness.
  3. Pour the rinse aid onto this dial as there is a hole in the side of it. You may have to look for it.
  4. Add the salt. There should be a cap that says salt on it that also has the symbol that shows on the light. This cap is located under the bottom rack, unscrew and add the salt, if this is your first time, make sure that you fill this reserve with water then add about 2kg of salt don't worry if the water overflows.
  5. Turn the machine back on and the problem should be resolved.


  • Again make sure you buy dishwasher salt.
  • Turn of machine at mains
  • Don't get rinse aid near your eyes (it hurts)

Things You'll Need

  • Rinse Aid
  • Dishwasher Salt
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