How to Use Space Saver Vacuum Packed Bags

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24-10-2016, 22:55
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Do you have a Space Saver bag, but you don't know how to pack and seal it? This article will help describe this process to you.


  1. Pull on the bag's center portion with both of your hands. Place your one hand on the one side of the bag, and other hand on the opposite side. The Sure-Zip slider has no bearing at this point on the usage of the bag.
    • Try not to pull so hard on it that it comes off. This problem is easy to fix. However, try not to do this.
  2. Place the open bag in an easy-to-assemble location. Locations can be (but are not limited to) a bed, sofa, floor, table, etc. Keep the bag upright with the "Fill to this Line" line facing upwards (towards you).
  3. Pick out some items you'd like to place into the bag. Whether they be bed linens, clothes or something totally obscure, set these items to the side.
  4. Fold your items to maximize the least amount of space used.
  5. Place the folded clothes into the bag, but do NOT overfill the bag. Only fill your items to the "Fill to this Line" line.
  6. Close the bag. Drag the Sure-Zip slider back and forth twice over the sliding area at the top of the bag. Press down a little harder to ensure a tight seal has been made, so that no air will be let out later.
    • If the Sure-Zip slider-gripper piece comes off, slide it back onto the bag by pushing it back in over the edge of the bag until it clicks twice downward.
  7. Locate the vacuum-packing cap. On the cap, you'll find a notch at about the center of the cap.
  8. Place your thumb on this notch, and pop it open.
  9. Push the cap forcefully in an upwards direction. You should hear a "pop" sound, as you open the cap. At the end of this, if done properly, you'll see a plastic valve. Don't stop pushing, until you see this valve.
  10. Drag out your vacuum and connect the vacuum's hose mechanism to the module.
    • Dust-buster style vacuums will not work. Sorry!
  11. Place the end of the hose on the vacuum packing location. Make sure to place it dead center on the packing area. The circular end of the hose should just about meet and completely fill the circular location to pull out the air.
  12. Turn on the vacuum cleaner. If you've done the steps correctly so far, the packing should be a breeze.
  13. Keep the hose on the bag for about two minutes (although, depending on the bag's size, amount of items in the bag, and whatever not, this time may vary.) You'll hear the motor in your vacuum change in tone, and the bag will stop shrinking, these facts will signal when the bag has completed the sealing process.
  14. Remove the vacuum hose from the bag, turn off the vacuum and flip closed the vacuum packing cap quickly, to ensure no additional air is let back in during the time after the vacuum removes the air.


  • When placing down-pillows or down-comforters into the bag, don't allow the bag to empty out all the air. Only compress the air in the bag to fifty percent its original size, as further compression will hurt the down feathers in the item.
  • Don't try to store food, leather, or fur items in these bags.
  • Be careful of hotter temperatures. Hotter temperatures can easily melt the plastic that the bag is made from.
  • Don't allow children to play with the bag. The bag then becomes an easy death-trap to a child, if they place it over their vital organs (such as their face or other vital organs).

Things You'll Need

  • Space Saver bags
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Clothes or soft items to store away
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