How to Start a Clique

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25-10-2016, 13:10
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Picture this: You and your friends walking down the hall with all eyes on you, people craning to see what the latest trends are-on you!-and you sitting at lunch, people stopping by every couple of minutes to say "Hi!" and compliment you on your amazing outfits. Do you want this glamorous life to be yours? Look no further.


  1. Make the most of your hair and face.
    • Top, down, starting with hair. Shampoo/condition once every two days. Shampooing every day dries out the hair, which we all know results in dry, frizzing hair! Use systems made specifically for certain hair types: wavy, straight, curly, dry, frizzy, dyed, etc. Also use glossing spray, shine serum, anti-frizz serum, and styling wax or hair styling mousse. Note: If your hair looks glossy because it's greasy, that's totally different, and it may need to be washed.
    • Your hair needs to look adorable every single day. Experiment to see what works with your face and style. You may be sporty, which may seem like it calls for a ponytail. But come on, a ponytail every day? No way! Try having your clique wear the same style as you to look extra trendy. Also, if you have curly hair, straighten it every once in a while! (and vice versa, of course!) However, don't get into the habit of using damaging hair tools! Curl your hair, or scrunch it! It looks so cute, and gives you beachy waves if done right! If you are having trouble finding styles, YouTube is a great place to start.
    • Use cute accessories to make your clique look even better. Make sure the colors don't clash with your outfit, but don't be too matchy matchy. You want to look cute and put together, but not "my Mommy picked out my outfit and bought me my multi-colored hair scrunchies so each outfit would match a scrunchy!" That's just... no. Please, never.
  2. Next up, face. Zits are a part of growing up. Don't scratch, pick, or pop your pimples... that just makes them even redder! Make sure you wash your face every day, and use appropriate cleansers/creams if necessary. Only you know your skin's needs, to answer their calls! To cover up the pimples, find a match of your skin color and do your best to conceal them. Red faces look awful... been there, done that! If you have a gross pimple, and the only thing you can do is pop it, do it on Friday, so it has the weekend to heal. Proactive works quite well. Only a few days and if you don't have zits, Proactive also prevents acne.
    • Make-up. Never over-do it. Make it very natural so that it looks like you aren't wearing any, even if you are. Just some lip color, foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, and mascara are all that's needed. You don't even need eyeshadow! Avoid the stage make-up look for every day. Also, stay away from the clown look! Choose a natural lip color, and blend the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Little, perfectly defined red circles just look ridiculous. Or, if your parents don't allow make-up, that's okay. The point is to have a natural look.
  3. Work on your body. You need to always smell amazing. Shower everyday and use good smelling shower gel. Have complementing body lotion. Use a decent smelling perfume or body spray, or avoid scent altogether.
    • You must be very toned. Do something active! From just running with your buds every day to folk dancing to participating in a highly competitive sports team, the calories are burning and the bod is getting better. Exercise every day for at least half an hour! Not only does it keep you fit, but you will feel more confident and happy!
  4. Don't change too quickly. Nothing shouts, "I'm trying to be popular!" more than suddenly switching your wardrobe from Walmart to Forever 21. If you don't usually wear "popular" clothes, start small, maybe with a bit of jewelry from Justice. Work your way up, slowly but steadily. The same goes for makeup, too.
  5. Make your outfit amazing every day. It may help to follow the two week rule: Don't wear a piece of clothing for at least two weeks after you wear it the first time. If you go to a school that has a uniform, try to jazz up your look by adding an accessory or a piece of jewelry. Don't be afraid to shop at stores outside where everybody else is shopping. If you find cute stuff, consider buying it. People will admire your unique style. When they ask where you got your amazing wardrobe, don't spill. Say "I don't remember," or "Some place near my aunt's house." If you must say something, be very vague. We don't want everybody to start having your excellent taste in style, now, do we?
    • Always know the latest trends. Others will begin to notice your style and look up to you for trends so be sure to deliver. For trends, read fashion magazines. Same goes for accessories. Always add accessories to all of your outfits: purses, jewelry, hats, scarves, belts, etc. However, don't overuse! Same with shoes... own enough that you wear at least three different pairs of shoes throughout the course of the week. Don't wear Uggs every single day... mix it up!

Forming your clique

  1. Start your clique. First, carry a little notebook around with you and jot down possible members. Look at your names and narrow it down to a few. Make a pro/con list about each one. Select two or three names (your clique should have three to six members, including you) to be in your clique. You should have an alpha (the leader of the clique-you!), a beta (the alpha's assistant, second-in-command, and best friend), 1 or 2 "Charlies" (third on the group's importance list; the supporters), and the followers (members of the clique who will respect you without a doubt).
  2. Become friends with the girls in your clique. Do everything together, from shopping to eating lunch in the cafeteria. Make sure you are always seen with them, so people start to see you as a clique.
  3. Have a lot of inside jokes and secrets between you guys so you feel more like a group. Have a little thing you all wear, like a piece of jewelry.
    • Don't be too forward with the jewelry, or whatever you've chosen. Only proceed with this step when you have become best friends with your clique. Then, after school, or during a private moment, present to them. Then, casually, say, "Hey, why don't we all wear these on ___?"
  4. Don't let anyone else sit with you at lunch. If the tables are all connected, put your stuff on the chairs surrounding you, so that no one sits there. Also, make sure that your clique follows steps 1-6, so it will look like a clique.
  5. Move in sync with your clique everywhere you go. Tip: make a copy of the same playlist on their iPods and memorize the night before or wear them in your ears to school. (Try Pretty Girl Rock; it's a nice one for confidence.) Ensure that your clique is always having fun all the time, to make everyone envy you, hence making you the "it" clique.


  • 'You can make people believe you if you are sincere.
  • Make sure your beta is a generally nice person.
  • Shop at cool (read: local) places.
  • Keep in-the-know by reading news magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Be aggressive, but don't push it.
  • Don't refer to it as a clique. It sounds like you're trying too hard.
  • Subscribe to at least 2 magazines and go shopping at least once a month.
  • Have the best comebacks.
  • Be nice to everyone, even if they're not in your clique.


  • The ideal clique is a group of 3 or more girls who are all very good friends. It's okay if one of them is your best friend and the rest are just very good friends, but don't rub it in people's faces that you're closer to the other person.
  • Never, ever do dangerous/harmful--behaviors such as stealing, doing drugs, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, bullying, graffiti, starving yourself and/or making yourself throw up (which can and will lead to anorexia and/or bulimia, very serious eating disorders that can kill you), or self-harm--to fit in with your clique and/or seem cool because everyone knows how OUT that is. Doing these things makes it look like you have nothing better to do with your time, which people will pity. If anyone in your clique is doing these things, then it's your duty as their friend to get them help.
  • Your Beta should be the one you trust the most.
  • If you have old friends, during this process do not dump them. Chances are others will see how you treated them and be worried you would do the same to them. Also your old friends may become upset with you and retaliate.
  • Be kind in terms of what friends you pick if you choose to be Alpha.
  • Remember that having a genuine personality & basing your self-worth on something other than appearance won't lead to a soulless existence of peaking at high school, being a trophy wife, having 2.5 children, and joining the PTA so you can ensure your kids are as shallow as you.

Things You'll Need

  • Great friends
  • A sense of style
  • Accessories (sunglasses)
  • A good cell phone with texting
  • iPod
  • Good shoe sense
  • A cool room
  • Hair accessories
  • Makeup
  • Curling Iron
  • Blow dryer
  • Crimper(optional)
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Cool, interesting fashions (including retro and your own design)
  • Some of the latest technology trends
  • A Twitter or a Facebook
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